What to grow? Desicions, desicons!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Waterlily, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. I am a newbie, recreational grower that is ready to move on to purchased seed. Through trial & error and much lurking (thanks grasscity and overgrow, esp. BOG) I have bought to harvest a few bag seed grows. However, to liberally paraphrase a quote I read, "mediocre seed grows mediocre weed".
    The number of strains is overwhelming to a beginner. Help me weed thru what to grow. Any suggestions would be great.
    I am looking for a fuzzy, buzzy, up high. I grow indoors under artifical light in soil. A compact, bushy growth would be best suited to my growbox.
    I am new to growing so please pass on the $400 seed strains, I'll have to work my way uo to those.
    Peace, Lily
  2. Welcome, the best site i have found for price and reliability is www.cannabis-seedz.co.uk
    Try "Mazar", "Blue Moonshine", "Powerplant" or "Oasis" all very good and probably what you are looking for.
    good luck
  3. power plant... SKUNK ok wel you all say skunk.... its probably one of the easiest plants along with hollands hope to grow... has good yield and not taht bad of a high... only downfall taste horibley bad... my opinion... i would recomend seedsdirect.com they have good seeds good prices and good delivery... i have used it many times my self... when i first started growing i used KC TNR and KC original northern lights,,, a lil tricky with northern lights but all turned out well... you might want a small stocky plant so i suggest you pick an early bloomer or just clip your plants alot and have tons of clones =P good luck
  4. For many months now the consensus of this forum has been to recomend Top 44 (@ $15 for 10 seeds), Durban Poisan, or the any of the NL for newbiegrowers.
  5. Thank you for the tips!
    Now off to shop. Lily
  6. go get an AK47 or c99 f2 off of cbay (www.cannabisworld.com), or a c99 f2 from seedsdirect for like $45. Powerplant is what I grow and the fucker gets SO FUCKING big, but the yields are pretty damn great 3-4 oz per plant with my mediocre skills.
  7. too lazy to read all these posts- i hope u kno ur strains, thats a big part of it, Indica- bodily stoned high, tired almost happily depressed thing. Sativa- the high super europhic high, thats when you hear music (at least for me, i always here trip trance stuff when im high on sativas)

    theres a website i had on seed shipments, lemmie find it..uhh www.emeryseeds.com (found it!). The Dutch Passion company has all female seeds. If your going to keep growing from your first bought batch you need males because you have to like....make 2 of em have sex or w/e its called again (hehe) so that you dont get hermaphrodite seeds (i read about that somewhere...i dont remember where...hmmmm...oh well, just ignore me if you think u should , i think you should)
  8. spending that extra 100 dollars in my opinon is not worth feminized seeds... if you buy a pack of northern lights from KC brains Seedsdirect.to and you get one female out of 10 seeds... all though this is rare your still in good shape... you can take clone after clone from that one female and have as many plants as you want... now from the femionized sseeds you could get 9 plants going... take clones... etc etc same results in the end...another thing thers not as much of a variety of feminizewd seeds. they also soak the seeds in a acid to reduce the male side of the plant. 99% or sumthing... this will have your plant start out in a high PH level youll neeed alot better neuts and neeed alot better care for your plants if you choose feminized
  9. try gangjaland.com good seeds, try asking a friend for seeds.

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