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  1. Hey tokers! So recently I've been looking into vapes (I need one because the other tenants complain) and I honestly have not a clue on which to get. I only have a Budget of 200. I was looking at the mflb it seems nice. Haven't really used a vape before so I don't know what to expect and what to look for. Just need some advice on pickin a good piece
  2. You can get much better than the MFLB for less than $200. If you're looking for a desktop vape, I would look into the Arizer Extreme Q, the Silver Surfer, or Da Buddha. If you want something portable, I would check out the Arizer Solo. You can also go to fuckcombustion.com, which has reviews and lots of info on basically every vape on the market.
  3. Yea sorta need something portable and easy to stoosh cause my landlord comes in my apt often. :/ sorta shitty but yanno. And the silver surfer actually looks sick anyone hit one. ( and I will apologize in advance if I accidentally reply in the wrong spot. First time using this on my phone :p)

    Nvm turns out I was in the right place lol
  4. Well, if your landlord just pops in unannounced, which is more than just kinda fucked, I wouldn't get the Silver Surfer or Da Buddha, because their just not stealth for two reasons. One, is that they like something that you would smoke out of and two, being that they are heavy hitters, will smell a bit more than a vape with a smaller bowl.

    I'd check out either the Solo, the UnderDog or the E-Nano from EpicVape due to their smaller size that you can easily hide away quickly along with their smaller bowl that will smell less.
  5. You can pretty much hide the Solo in plain sight, it doesn't look like a marijuana toking device at first glance, and the unit itself shouldn't smell either. All you'd have to hide is the glass stems :smoking:
  6. I second the solo, better than I expected

    Puffitup coupon code: solo160

    Pulled that from memory...includes free shipping
  7. Yea? I heard the so was pretty sick. Ima check that one out too. Thanks for the tips guys
  8. Yep, SOLO160 will get you a $160 Solo with free shipping and a free grinder! what could be better than that :smoking:
  9. Lmao I hear you man. That's a pretty sweet deal. I'm seriously torn between the mflb and the solo. They both seem like nice vapes
  10. Solo! I have it and can def vouch for it. One of the hardest hitting portables around. Also check out the VaporBlunt Pinnacle. You should check out fuckcombustion.com Its strictly vapes and you will find more info their then here.

  11. Just think about this food for thought: I'm buying a Solo to upgrade from the MFLB. I already have an MFLB and I'm unsatisfied with the hits, and my charger broke twice! :mad:

    The MFLB is nice for straight portability and stealth, but the Solo will give you better, milkier hits and it has a temperature control right from the start. :wave:
  12. Yea my buddy had the same problem with his. He went through 2-3 chargers, and a pair of batteries that's the only thing I wasn't sure of. And isn't the solo only like 35 bucks more?
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    Pretty much if you get it from puffitup, and it puts the MFLB to shame in terms of hit quality and vapor production :smoking:

    You can't go wrong with either, but I still strongly suggest the Solo if you can afford it and have a little less portability and stealth. :wave:

    Edit: Just for reference, the brand new M1A7 is $230.
  14. Yea only have a budget of $200-250 but I don't really care if I find a sweet vape I fall In love with. Ill probably just get real cooked and order it then. Price won't be a big deal then if ya get my drift ;)
  15. I own both the MLB and the solo

    By the time I purchased new batteries and charger, car charger and wall adapter I could have purchased the solo

    You definitely have more options with the solo. The temp selection is where it's at....

    Go solo and I promise you will be very happy....the only mod I had to do was smash a screen in the straw to stop bud from getting in my mouth
  16. i owned a mflb and was very dissatisfied. just ordered the solo :)
  17. This guy sent me a msg earlier showing me his setup thought I'd share either one of the links. Sorry I'm on my iPhone and I had to do just take a pic of the links lol. Seriously though check it out its pretty sweet

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