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What to get from dispensary??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rectaloctopus, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. What up, I have a buddy who lives out in co. and I am going to be getting some stuff from him. I want the best shit I can get. I know all the kinds of hash but I don't know a whole lot about oil. What should I get? It's going to be a fairly big order so I can get 2-3 different things. Here's somethings I could think of.
    *High grade bubble hash
    *High grade bho
    *High grade shatter
    *High grade wax?
    *Then their is the C02 stuff, I am lost
    Keep in mind I want the best I can get, I have tryed bho a bunch of times out of my rig and I never get that stoned off of it.

  2. c02 is extracted with c02. wax is just a texture just like shatter. i like shatter the most. i kno some ppl preffer butter. bubble hash is made with water. and bho is extracted with butane. theres shit off all of em. its hard to tell u. becuase even tho i hate oilly shit. id much rahter take gold oil over some brown shit looking shatter. if ur not getting high off bho ur bho sucks dick
  3. BHO is usually crap at most shops so be careful. if you see some real nice, greasy lookin full melt, I would definitely pick some of that up

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