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    Hello my friends.... my plants are 3 weeks into flowering what to feed? I have a box of 20-20-20 somewhere ....
    Theyre outdoors , lat 18° i want to get bigger buds so i heard feeding them ups the yield...

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  2. Your plants look like they are longer than 3 weeks into flower, but regardless...

    They look healthy and are flowering profusely. Just keep doing whatever you're doing now - and if that means just giving them water and keeping the moist until it's time to harvest then so be it - I think that the last thing I would do right now would be to give them 20-20-20 fertilizer.

    What type of soil are they growing in? They are pretty healthy and seem to be doing pretty darn well on their own.

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  3. Thanks. I've been using some compost my grandmother makes and it seem to make things grow big lol... I feed them the 20-20-20 about 2 month's ago every 7 days for a month.

    Thanks for your reply men really appreciated!
  4. My bad half the pot is compost and half is soil from homedepot
  5. Is this a bad pest or good?

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  6. Looks like a small grasshopper, I don't think they're harmful to your plant. If I was a grasshopper, that's where would you would find me chillin ;)
  7. It is a grasshopper, it is harmful to plants. Grasshoppers can completely defoliate a plant in hours.


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  8. Did not know this, thank you :)
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  9. Ive been thinking of adding ashes to my soil... my ashes consist of only burned buds lol i dont smoke ciggs. I've heard its good what ya guys think?

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  10. Wood ash you can add to your soil but if you use to much it will bring the soil PH up or alkalinize the soil. It adds calcium to the soil. (K) (Ca) (Mg) are usually (IMO) the deficiencies one runs in with during early to Mid flower.

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