what to expect when I join the army?

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  1. im going to basic next month and I'm so excited.
    I've never been to the mainland US before(I'm from Hawaii) so I can't wait to explore another state.
    I've always wanted to be a soldier, the uniform is so nice 👌😂😂
    And I'm tired of being a minimum wage cashier so I hope I get better pay....

    I'm also doing it to make Me a better person, I'm really quiet and not confident...

    Is this a good choice?! & what can I expect when I join next month?

    Please help.. Thanks in advance 😂👌

  2. What's your MOS?
  3. Probably should have asked these questions before jumpin' in, chief.

    Well, you'll get better than minimum wage and learn confidence along the way...As far as what you can expect? Probably hell.[​IMG]

  4. Motor T active :)
    BTW, what are some of the worst things that would happen in my time as a soldier....?

  5. No clue, probably different for everyone.

    I've never served, just read a lot.[​IMG]

  6. The Army basic training has to be looked at as a hard game. They will yell and scream and holler to get all recruits on the same level. This will happen less and less frequently, so ride it out, play their game. It's only a test.
    Information in the way of standards, expectations, and training will also be going on. Be a leader in a humble manner. Suggest that folks with different grasp of different tasks start helping (training) others in the Flight. Working together is key.
    WARNING: Do not suggest this to the Instructors, just your peers.
    After a while the Flight will earn more liberties; patio time to call folks, grab snacks. Later entertainment and Base liberties like movie theaters, snack bars, bowling, gym, etc. Likely near the end of Basic there could be a town liberty.
    Possibly a short leave to visit loved ones after Basic, then off to Technical training or a direct duty assignment.
    As time passes you become better trained and have more freedoms. It is up to you to try and be the best there is. It makes your life so much better, learn all there is to know about your MOS and the Regulations that you abide by. When opportunities to train others (OJT, Quality Control, whatever level) arrive jump on it.
    Your determination and attitude Will carry you through. Your confidence and knowledge will open doors.
    A lot of it is realizing everyone starts with the first step and it's up to them to grow or not.
    Break big goals into the smaller necessities that lead there, you will better see the progress.
    I'll STFU now, but take care and relax through this. The Blade will bend in the wind and not try to be rigid and break.
  7. Well considering motor t can be labeled as a "combat arms" MOS, it could have potential to be a highly dangerous job.

    If you're deployed somewhere in the middle east, hold onto your shit. It can and probably will get bumpy.

    Those transports are sought after, making them viable targets. But that goes without saying.

    As far as I know, this MOS is one of biggest in the military, making picking up a promotion that much harder. I think only infantry is bigger.

    Probably work very long hours in blistering heat or freezing temperatures.

    Get used to red bull now, and little sleep.

    But once you're out of basic and settled into your job, you'll probably make some good friends. As this can be a very dangerous job, the people around you will need to know they can trust you and that you got their back.
  8. im scared ): but can't wait to wear the uniform :)
  9. Everyone of you there are or were in the same position, don't be scared.

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