what to expect moving out?

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  1. hey guys, ive been saving up money now for quite awhile and im planning on moving out with a good friend ive had for awhile that i can trust and is financially reliable. im 18 and i know im going to face tough situations living out in the real world any advice you could give to me on what to expect? :smoking:
  2. A love hate relationship with adulthood. Oh, and that money won't last as long as you think it will, trust me. I moved out at 19 and I don't regret it a bit, although I'm just now not living check to check (26).
  3. Btw man, get you some college in if you can. Life ant to grand on a ged or just a hs diploma.
  4. oh of course its to hard to make it in todays society with a college degree. i plan on going to city for 2 years while saving up money in the meantime so i can move and transfer to a nice college. im not all about paying student loans forever
  5. HEY! I know you know that hobo on the street corner next to the other one we all have one eventually but make sure you don't help him out man don't do it he has a cat stuck to his stomach and it feeds of coke which is secretly hidden in a transparent mobius strip sealed in our pubes...
  6. Moved out when I was 17. What to expect? life and all its burdens, pleasures

  7. Don't let the loan debt scare you...just don't go to school for something you can't find work in. I went to community college, paid it off in about 4mo after graduation.
  8. Fuck renting, stay home save your money and buy a house.

  9. You should ideally have enough saved for a few months of complete expenses before you even move out, just in case. Not just rent, either. Utilities, groceries, car payments/insurance/gas, cell phone bill, etc.

    Make sure to discuss everything with your roommate before you move in. Not just finances, but things like house cleaning, groceries, visitors, etc. Some roommate situations work out great, but a lot of them fail terribly so make sure you guys are both mature enough to discuss any problems that may arise before they become serious issues.

    Be courteous to your neighbors, it's no fun having hostility with the people you have to live near. If you're going to have a house warming party, maybe introduce yourselves to your neighbors first, let them know that you're planning to have some people over and to let you know if it gets too loud or anything.

    Can't think of much besides that... good luck to ya dude. :smoking:
  10. A lot of work, and what JD said.
  11. expect the long veiny dick of life to fuck you nice n good like

  12. I like the way you think, second post of yours today I've come across that gave me this thought.

  13. No need to move out for that...it can happen right there at home! Lol
  14. make plays. Be flexible. do work

    guaranteed success.
    What do you do for a living man?

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