What to expect from my first grow?

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  1. Hey guys, starting my first grow as I write this. Found a dispensary that sells great clones and I bought 3 lights ment for growing from walmart. they have 75w each. Best thing I could find for my budget. The total watts for the lighting is 225.

    I bought a long tub like thing for the plants and a big bag of scotts soil. I am planning on purchasing 4 clones for my first grow.

    Wondering what to expect for this type of grow and how many grams it will yield and if its even worth it after all the expenses?

    I was told that I would get about an ounce per plant. Looking for others opinions!

    Thanks in advance
  2. yield depends on how large the plants are 1oz per is reasonable

    it sounds like you got halogen plant lights take them back and get the most powerful cfls you can find they work much better are cheap and are low heat which will not cook your plants

    scotts isnt the best to grow in since its preferted it will most likely burn your plants the best soil is organic with no fert like sunshine mix or fox farms ocean forest

    ur grow should pay for itself after the first time
  3. ^^^ what bongboi said

    You are saving lots of money by avoiding shady dealers who sell you god knows what and from where and whose sperm crisps were placed onto it while they were splitting you off a measely popcorn 45$ eighth.

    and be sure to post back here at every step (with pictures if possible) and GC blades will answer your call....

    and check in the organics section thread titled "lets get cheap" if you want to save some $$$
  4. Don't be concerned about what you might get AFA yield.

    Do the grow from start to finish without fucking up too much, learn from your mistakes and as the mistakes go down and experience level goes up, so does the yield.

  5. Nice thanks for the help. Ohh and the grow lights are these from walmart

    I contacted a clone place that is local to me and had to send them my card info through email along with ID and they still havent gotten back to me... Their phones are just an automated voice saying to submit your info through email and they will call back. Bad for business to make patients wait so long when I can easily go to a clinic that has some clones.

    Will keep you guys updated and post pictures when they start growing!
  6. those are 75 watt equivalents. You want to deal with the actual wattage :) .

    These are what u bought:
    75W of incandescent equivalent output using only 17W of energy
    Color: 4200K

    This is what you want: in actual wattage
    26W or 42W(higher if preferred, smaller ones give off less heat) compact flourescent bulbs, not sure how many total watts you would want for 4 plants, but im assuming atleast 250-300W
    Color: 2700k for Veg, 6500k for Flower (its suggested to mix both)

    i wish you luck! :smoking:

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