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What to expect for possesion of para ticket.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by B-42, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Hey GC, I'm coming to you guys asking what i should expect as far as punishment for a ticket i got a few months back. The cop gave me a break and gave me a ticket for possession of drug paraphernalia even though he found a quarter in my car.

    In total he took my grinder, a quarter ounce, and my roller and papers, along with a blunt me and some friends were just about to light up. I have to go back to court soon and could possibly be getting charged with possession of marijuana too now because a friend i know (who's a lawyer) helped me fight it at first but says the police report is gonna make it hard to fight when i go back.

    so basically i was wondering if any of you know what kind of punishment i should expect if i get charged with possession of para or possession of marijuana.

    Thanks Grasscity
  2. go to norml and click on your state and it says all the diffrent fines and punishments there
  3. It all depends on where you live, my man.

    Check out your state laws at
  4. i got a paraphernalia charge once, i pled no contest and got a $100 fine and 6 months differed sentence. this happened in the bible belt too.
  5. I live in Michigan, i looked it up but it doesn't say anything about possession of para, there's sale of possession but nothing about just possession of it.

    I'm think i'll get probation and manditory drug tests, i was just wondering how long i should expect to be on probation.

    oh, and this is my first offense.
  6. That is indeed your best bet for reliable information.

    In my jurisdiction, possession or paraphernalia is a misdemeanor and usually results in nothing more than a small fine and perhaps some community hours.

    Probation is usually an option also if a minor is involved.
  7. You got 6 months in jail for paraphernalia? I'm sure i'm misreading this but damn that seems wayy overboard for a pipe/water pipe.
  8. I'm just glad i live in canada, got nabbed with a half oz and just had to dump it. most likely a nice cop though.
  9. Just remember that Tommy Chong spent 9 months in a minimum security prison for selling bongs. So, there is definitely a precedent for paraphernalia convictions.

    Like KSpliff said; I'm just glad I live in Canada.
  10. If you're lawyer is good enough you can fight it hard, and get a differed sentence, which will keep it off your record.

    What I had to do was give two months of consecutive drug test, at my expense, and appear in front of the judge with the proof of my test. I had to take them at a local hospital, and they were $50 each. (You think it'd be less considering it was my piss going into that cup, and not like I was buying someone elses.)
  11. i goat charged with possession and trafficking (seperatly and NO notrying to brag, its no that cool) but in ONTARIO

    possesion- 6 months probation+20 hours community service
    trafficking-(over an ounce)12+ months probation+community service, and jailf ur on probation..
  12. Ask him. He should be able to find out.

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