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What to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganjagreens, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Im sure this is a very popular post but im destined to truly find the answer. What are the greatest things to do while high? I have much experience with smoking weed and have smoked out of bongs, bubblers, joints, blunts, capes, gravity and waterfall bongs all of which have been both homemade and not homemade. I find a pipe to be my favorite way of smoking its simple and small yet effective and it gets the job done. I have the tools to make just about anything I want but a pipe will do. Anyways I haven't smoked in about two months and am craving that feeling again. My summer is coming to an end andschool will start in a few days. My tolerance is very low and im only gonna buy 20 bucks worth. I want it to be a good day or two. I always think of things to do high when im sober but always realize I don't have the time to do all those things and I wanna be at a stage of being very high while im doing those things. Im probably gonna smoke in my backyard under a vine tree listening to rebelution or some reggae and chill for a couple minutes then go inside and start my adventure. So here yet again is the question.. what is a stoners favorite thing to do while they're high?
  2. chill, chillin, any chill activities
  3. I don't understand these threads. Why do "stoners" have to DO anything special just because they're high? Why can't a person just smoke what they want, then just go do what they want? Does everything have to revolve around some master plan?
  4. Just let your day unfold as it will. Trying to plan high activities usually only results in disappointment for me, so I've learned to simply appreciate whatever happens when I'm high. Enjoy the feeling, man. :smoke:
  5. eat a bunch of cabbage. then the next day, before you take your massive shit, get high. best shit of ur life, trust me.
  6. F'n go carts
  7. 1. Grab a cooler full of dranks and munchies.
    2. Go tubing on river with friends.
    3. Eat, drink, and smoke everything while drifting down said river.
  8. six flags is the shit when you're high. :smoking:
  9. Everything is better with weed...for me anyway.
    My favorite thing is to put on my fav music, take a few hits and relax.
    Video games are fun as fuck. So try that.
  10. Haha smoke a fat blunt and then go to cicis where they have all you can eat pizza its the greatest thing ever
  11. I wanna go sky diving high. It would have to be a heavy indica too, just the feeling of gravity would be amazing.
  12. You ever look at the back of a $20 bill....ON WEED?

    Seriously though the best things to do while high are white water rafting and going to the county fair and riding all the old fashioned rides from when I was a kid. Getting high and riding them makes if feel just as amazing as it used to.
  13. Lego's man, lego's. Get real high, put some tunes on and build a god damn castle with lego's.
  14. If your Asian/Indian, go get your indian/asian bestfriend, sit, smoke, and watch tv. Then wait for a white castle commercial to come on the tv, tell your friend that you just realized that white castle would be the best munchie meal ever. Then you and your friend set out on an adventure for the munchies and eventually have to hang glide to get there. You also have to ride a cheetah and have your ride stolen by Neil Patrick Harris for the night to be complete.

    EDIT: Munchies is spelled with an 'N' lol
  15. Its not about doing something you guys its about feeling something. I want my high to be perfect and fun as hell plain and simple. Anything is fun while high but I don't have the opportunity to be high a lot and so my high time is very special to me haha
  16. I always find that if i plan what i'm gonna do when I get high, it's never very fun. Just get blazed, chill for a bit, and see what you wanna do. Chances are it will be something crazy and much more exciting. But I agree with pearl, why plan anything at all?

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