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  1. I live with my parents right now(my friend and i are looking for our own place)anyway my parents are completly against smoking. I want to buy a pipe off gc but i have no way of getting it w/o my parents knowing cuz my mom is at home all day and if i get it in the mail she'll open it.What should i do?
  2. hmmm. get a piece off a homie or just make a home-made one.
  3. can you have it sent to your work or to a buddy's house?
  4. thats a good idea i didnt think about that thx
  5. You could always just buy a piece in person. I like to see a piece in my hands before I buy it so I always buy my pieces at a store.
  6. Sobe + coaxial cable [​IMG]

    This is and easy and cheap bong to make.

    Look on the sobe bottle near the bottom edge and you should see a place where the glass is thinner. Now, take a medium sized philips screw-driver and put the head in the thin glass part and smack it with somthing. You should get a perfect hole. Now, take a knife and cut a small cross in the cap and insert the coaxial cable head for a bowl.

    To smoke, pack bowl....unscrew cap....fill bottle with water......replace cap......as you hold the flame to the weed let the water drain out.....unscrew cap and inhale......now you are high.

    bowl look like this http://www.hometech.com/techwire/coaxconn.html#LE-40985TW6 and can be found at wal-mart.
  7. she has no legal right to open your mail...
  8. haha i'm sure his mom gives a shit about his legal rights. get real man.

  9. ahahha for real.. wtf does she care and thats NOT true if your in their house.. its their mail.. duh .. now if she came to your appt then opend your box of mail u could sue or w/e ( idk why shomeone would sue their mom.. ) but ya .. under their roof .. under their rules mang
  10. while you're right, you're wrong from a legal aspect. if it's adressed to him, he's the only one allowed to open it. if your neighbors mail ends up in your box, you aren't legally entitled to it... why would she be legally entitled to his mail if he's of age? (this is my understanding. after searching, i can't find any concrete information to back my interpretation on the matter)

    i did find this, however. you, or some other members may be interested in it http://www.remail-snailmail.com/contents.html
  11. come on man thats some hippy shit...my mom wouldnt give a fuck either she wouldnt open my shit without a second thought and smacked me in the face if i gave her lip about it I dont care how grown I am. Get real no one if really going to win a case atleast in my state atleast we are so conservative they would laugh.
  12. if that was at me, i know for a fact, i was just saying he does actually have the rights, not saying it would float and i wouldn't pull that (but i wouldn't have a piece shipped to my place, i just went to the bus and got one).... believe me, i'm not even close to being that "hippyish"

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