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  1. ok i got my FIRST grinder with a keef catcher, tell me some things i should know? also my main question is what should i do with my keef, only about a eigth of highmids gets grounded up in it every week , so making hash would take forever, whats some good stuff i can do with a little keef at a time. also what do you guys think of taking my grinder out and about with my ill easily grind an 0 a week, should i put it in my backpack or wil this knock the keef around to much.
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    i took a boatload of stems, soaked them in 91 rubbin alc overnight with a light
    the solution turned brown, and i took out the stems this afternoon.
    tomorrow im going to empty it into a pyrex dish, and evap it all off and then scrape.
    its going to be saved on a plate in my room
    shake your grinder with alc in it and then pour it out and save it
    itll accumulate fast enough to be able to smoke a bowl with it. let me tell you it hit me harder than i expected the second time i used it
    orrr tape off the kief catcher. and dont open til xmas! lol
    best of luck!

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