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    so me and my gf have been dating for almost 5 months now and over the last couple days it all fell apart. so it all started at a basketball game. there she just said some shit that just really caught me off gaurd. and then the next morn she texted me and said we needed to talk so three dif i tried to talk to her but she blew me off then she called at lunch and said "hey im just calling to say goodbye........." like wtf and we were both headed out of town at this point. so i thought she was gunna break up with me so i dont really know wat i was thinking last night but i sent her a text last night saying we should just chill and take a break. so i talk to her today and she wants to be with me and i really want to be with her. but she doesnt want to be with me bc i broke up with her. fyi i need to to get baked. been about two months worth of a t break and rehab.
  2. tell her why your freakin out. she will understand if you explain it to her. and if she doesnt, then it wasnt meant to be.
  3. Huh?
    She wants to get back with you, but doesn't because you broke up with her?
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    But I think he didn't mean to because he was just reacting to an award text? Is that any closer haha:smoke:
  5. never let a bitch get the upperhand on you....
  6. WHat kind of shit did she say at the basketball game???

    sounds like a bitch of a problem man... if shes givin you this kind of shit 5 months in, just imagine how it will be a year from now...

    more girls need to get high...

    ps ill smoke you out if you come over :)
    (girls only)
  7. drop her, high school bitches aint shit

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