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What to do!?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bloodraven51690, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Sooo, like most of the other people on this forum, Ive been smoking daily for around three years. This isnt a long time compared to some people, but im not a light smoker. I have enough money to purchase good bud almost all of the time and I have good connects in my area. I have never purchased mids, however I do pick up beasters occasionally. So heres the dilema, i just started college(freshman) and i brought a half o to last me til i found a connect. but its running out now and i still havent found anything. I havent had a day where i havent smoked in soooo long. Im almost starting to panic haha. Any advice to take the edge off?
  2. go to the jam club and/or look for rastafarians
  3. Could drink and do other drugs to take the edge off.
  4. Everybody smokes at college. Just ask people wearing hemp. That's what I usually do in a bind.
  5. MajicHat, your so right everyone smokes in college just ask around.
  6. Yeah, i got a couple buddies that have a house and a nice vape and stuff. The only problem is im pretty far up in the northwoods and im used to that dank from the cities...just doesnt compare man. All of the bud that ive seen people have just isnt worth it to me.
  7. go home for the weekend and call your connect back home up and pick some up.
  8. idk your tolerance, but i think you'd be surprised that mids will still get u baked. unless its like brown, stems and seeds...
  9. Yeah i just set something up back home for this weekend so now i got something to look forward to! Some Nyc diesel supposedly, but he said its good enough to call it whatever I want so hopefully its gonna live up to the hype. The dude gets it from the grower so the strains are usually legit.
  10. Hmmm....KINDOF sounds like your addcited to weed if your panicking that you cant find any and you havent stopped in 3 years??
    I think its time for a t break, it wont be easy, but give it a try.

  11. Yeah man, ill be the first to admit this. I have anxiety and i currently am prescribed xanex. But ive been mixing these two drugs for the past 2 years and the combined effect has almost become my anti-anxiety medicine if that makes sense lol. Yeah ill be okay until this friday, its just two days and im not addicted to heroin, crack or anything physically addicting. I love my Mary J and thats all. Me panicking has more to do with my anxiety.
  12. You wont exactly find that right dealer off the bat. In college some of your dealers will end up running dry as well. Just get as many connections that you can so that you always have someone to call if you hit a bind like you are in now.

    When you find one dealer, they normally know someone else who sells, so just meet people.

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