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what to do

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chimp_Fart, Sep 13, 2003.


what should i do, should i......

  1. just say no, dont go out with her

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  2. change, and say yes.

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  3. wait for a while, and get better understanding of the situation

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  1. ok, the situation is i am currently at a new school and i saw an old girlfriend, and we are still friends, and she asked me out, i said yes, and then just today, she dumps me because im too "shy". ok, then her friends call me (and im POSITVIE that my ex was on the line) and say she wants me back, and i have to just not be shy...and at my new school, ALOT of females think im "hot" and they are all attractive, but shall i go back out with the ex, or find someone else?
  2. tell your ex to stop fucking you around. tell her you are who you are, and your not going to accept a woman who wants to mold and sculpt her perfect man outta you. thats just not the way things should be done in this age.

    its like that old saying goes...
    a man wants to find his perfect partner. a woman wants to find someone close enough to shape into her perfect partner.

    women. huh!

    .... :p

    (can you tell i got dumped recently?) :D
  3. Man you got dumped again :confused:
  4. i dont think he means again again.. just the alst one.. that made no sence but whatever.. but ya, i agree with digit, i mean im a shy guy.. actually im a outgiong guy around everyone.. but when i start to get close to someone im so paranoid about fucking it up.. i fuck it up... always sux... but what can you do.... just be you and the right person will come
  5. Slip it in all her friends and make sure she finds out.

  6. again? nah. just that once. thats still recent history to me.
  7. Exactly like Digit said, tell her to stop fuckign around and make up her damn mind, or your gonna leave her ass forever.
  8. probably a little late because this thread has been resurrected, but I say forget her. Tell her you are who you are and if she can't respect that she can fuck off. Then go find a girl who likes you for who you are (and who's hot)

  9. ditto

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