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  1. a have some questions : my plants have been under 400 hps 24/7 for about 15days when should i change the light to 12/12 or 18/6 ...i dont want my plants to get to tall because theres just not enuth space..

    and i had to change the location of my plants..så now my 400hps light comes from the side and my plants after 2days is looking abit crocked does this mather??

    heres a bad pic of my children ;)

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  2. did u post the right pic? no way r them plants 2weeks old and if they have been under a 400wHPS how far away did u put it? they r streching like mad, did u turn the light on cus they aint getting enough light by the looks of it, whats the heat like in the grow room? r u sure its a HPS and not a halide or sumthing.

    u can put ur plants undr 18/6 now. its normal to wait till the plants have got there 5th node atleast and r about half the size u want them 2b when they have finished b4 u put them under 12/12, thats a rough guide only tho
  3. hehe you got me..

    my bad.. ive only had the 400hps for like less then 2days.

    the light i had before was wery strong and hot light and i was told it was no good so i got this new one


    so if i had this light from the beginning my plants would look very different?

    and should i do something about my crocked plants??=)

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