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Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Okay, so here's the situation:

    My best friend's ex gf is coming into town in a few days so my friend can visit with his daughter (they gotta kid together), and they had recently broke up. Even before they broke up she made no secret about the fact that she thought i was "the perfect man" and if she was ever single i'd better "watch out".

    Well, this morning she called me up and told me she'd be in town in a few days and was tellin' me "i'm single now" and how she misses me, and a few other roundabout hints that can only mean one thing.

    The problem is, i practice abstainance. I do like her, she's a good friend, and no lie is a straight up hottie, and if there is any female on the face of the earth that i'd like to get wit it'd be her.

    I don't want to hurt her by saying no, but if i don't then it's like i'd feel like i'm decieving her (and myself) in some way by not saying no and pleasing her. Also being my best freind's recently-ex tosses another dimension into this, even if he don't care what she does.

    So i guess the question is how do i tell her i can't be with her?

  2. probably coming out straight would be the easiest to do.

    just tell her, you aint havin sex with anyone, better she know that than think its just her....

  3. Actually that's kinda the reason for abstainance, so i don't end up in a relationship because i know it's not what i want, and could only cause distraction and misdirection in my life.


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