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what to do

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Aug 12, 2003.


to do what!?

  1. nothing.....

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  2. slap myself

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  3. go buy some more weed then roll 1 :)

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  4. umm.......::fill in blank::..

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  1. what should i do, i just had to make a poverty bowl, out of a pop can, you can see under the circumstances i prolly needed it, but i forgot i had papers in my room, but i could have easily made it, i just forgot..... i fell kinda mad, i really wanted to smoke a j!!!! ahhh what should i do, you voted
  2. I think you need some more weed! :D
  3. just do something to get blazed....last resort...make a homeade bong.....
  4. I have an idea! Buy some weed and get yourself some 3d glasses... Oh man they're trippy enough withOut weed.
  5. Get HiGH and get off yo ass and get some shit !!!!!!!

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