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  1. my parents told me to get rid of the 3 plants i got. they are purple haze and 2 weeks old. very healthy so far. im moving out in a month and id love to have at least 1 mother for when i move out.

    ive been keeping 24/7 light on them since they started to grow. tossing them is a big no no. i might sell them but if i can keep them outdoors for a month then ill do that. could i transfer it from outdoors to indoors after a month of leaving the plant outside? too much work and effort into them to just get rid of them.

    i got them next to my dresser at the moment. i got til sat to "get rid of them". any ideas or should i just sell them. i thought about a stealth box and hide it in the garage.
  2. The rents are never too much fun when it comes to growing pot lol. Always raining on the parade. I just had them leave for two weeks and took the time to build myself a closet grow room complete with fan,carbon filter, 400w mh/hps setup, fluoro veg chamber and some temp/humidity meters. These next few weeks will certainly be nervous ones as i figure out if i picked up all the loose ends around the house.

    As for your situation, my best advice iwould be keep them in the pot they are in right now and transplant when needed into a larger pot of your indoor soil. The reason for not putting them in outdoor soil is simple, more transplants then necessary which really slows its growth and the soil is of completely unknown quality and could be invested with pests.

    Is it warm outside? warm at night? how many hours of light/ light intensity is there in the area you might choose? For it to work outside for the month temperatures at night shouldnt go much below 50 Fahrenheit or 10 Celsius and idealy would reach 70-80 Fahrenheit or 23-27 Celsius during midday. Temperatures from 40 to 95 should be alright but are not ideal at either extreme and will stunt growth.

    Another thing to consider is that they will certainly bennefit from some light that goes on overnight for them to keep them from flowering too early. Not much light is needed for this, something along the lines on the solar powered lights you can find at hardware stores and such might be enough. If you're luckily enough to be near an outlet where you're keeping em then there you go, any single bulb will be enough.

    Other more experienced growers should comment on if its really important to have this light or not as i understand it would draw alot of attention to it.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do but please save those lovely plants you have:)


    P.s. If you do take them outside watch them carefully for signs of pests/infestations and do a very careful check of the leaves and soil surface before bringing them into your (hopefully) clean indoor growing room.
  3. No close friends to baby-sit your babies?
  4. thanks a lot for the advice. i got a few ideas. there is a room at the back of the garage that is only accessable from the outside in the back of the backyard. nobody ever even looks inside of it. my mom works til 5. i get off work at 4 so im gonna work on it for 30 mins every day til its done. then ill have the grow out there. ill make a cabinet for them to grow in, put plants in bigger pots and change lighting to 18/6. then every day after work i check on them. my mom will never know or see me back there.:cool:

    i got a few places i can hide them as long as i make a box that is sealed from all light in/out. im not worried about a carbon filter yet bc i dont think they will start smelling for at least another month. but if they start to stink ill get a filter asap.

    solar powered lights are a good idea but i dont like the idea of insects outdoors. but if it comes down to it and i got no choice ill use them and keep them outdoors.

    if theres any cops reading this fuck off, I got work to do.:smoking:
  5. You need to respect your parents and get the plants out of their house. If you can find someone to babysit them, great. If you have to ditch them, oh well, you shouldn't have been growing in their house in the first place. Start fresh in your own place with good karma.

    And no discussion of selling here on GC, against forum rules.

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