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What to do

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DIABL0, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. what do you do when neighbors aren't educated about recreational pot smoking an keep calling the police. The police never come to my house but when I toke they always get called. I mean no harm, I'd just like to smoke in peace. I always smoke in my house. I even went from bong to grasshopper vape an smoke buddy. Any words of wisdoms?
  2. Educate the neighbors

    maybe keep a window closed

    good luck
  3. Are you in apartment?
  4. If the po po never come what's the prob?
  5. Might send them a university brochure...
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  6. Fuck'em. And if they continue to do that I'd call the cops the first time a noise they make wakes me up
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    1. Use a pipe/bong/thc e-cigarette and a good fresh SPLOOF and don't drop the cherry. I can explain further if you'd like. No smell even if the person is right next to you provided you do it right. Use nicely scented dryer sheets and as a precaution blow the sploof smoke out the window.

    2. Use a pay phone in town and either you or a lady friend call the cops and tell them your neighbors smoke crack or pot...up to you depending on if they are nice people...keep complaining about the safety of kids in the neighborhood and throw a bag of shitty weed into their yard... somewhere inconspicuous. Make sure it's shitty weed so they don't get busted to0 hard.This one is kinda rough neck but if you follow through correctly you should be fine...
    You can also throw some of your blunt wrapping and ziplock bags in their at the top of the recycling...they have no right to treat a stoner that right I tell u

    3. Edibles

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  8. I have a house and it doesn't matter if i smoke windows closed or open some how they always smell it. I use the smoke buddy which is carbon filled sploof made to erase all scent.
  9. Are you letting the bowl cherry and letting smoke come off the bowl? That can make it smell even with a smoke buddy. Use a old lighter to cap the bowl so no extra smoke comes out
  10. But if it's your house and it sounds like it's legal where you live and if that's the case tell your neighbors to FUCK OFF
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  11. im using a vap im not even lighting a bowl
  12. We had this issue with our neighbours, they were concerned about their children smelling something they didn't know about and associating it with home in their futures.
    I reminded them that they regularly drink to excess in front of the very same children and don't stress over it at all...

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  13. I'm about to leave a print out on their door with the laws. But this bitch an I mean bitch goes an rally's the neighbors that I'm smoking weed. Wat a ignorant woman.
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  14. Yeah just like everyone is saying print out the law for her. If there's still problems say " it is legal, if you still have an issue we are going to have problems one way or another. Which means you or the police are going to find her. Simple mind games.

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  15. Call the cops on yourself...That'll get 'em for sure.
  16. If the cops don't come to your house how do you know the neighbor is calling them? If they call you after she calls to let you know, I would ask them about if what she is doing qualifies as harassment considering you are using a legal substance in your home. That would be like me calling the cops every time I saw my neighbor open a beer. And you are a lot more courteous than I would be in this situation, I would be ripping bongs and smoking fat cones if my neighbor kept calling the cops on me but I was legal, cannabis smokers have had to hide too long now, if you are in a legal state, light up and fuck the people who disagree
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  17. I know she is calling them because they talk in the street and she says he habitually smokes weed in his house and just lets it air out. I see cop cars at her house and her yelling "we dont want you here." when i heard enough i turned out my light to go to bed and the cop shined his light in my window.
  18. Well I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend leaving your house to smoke in this case. Or taking anything with you anywhere. You really don't know busybodies can operate. Your SOLID inside your house, yeah they might know, but without you opening the door if they do show up, there's nothing they can do from just a smell.

    Any other time I'd just say go for a walk since it clearly offends them, looks like their out for blood though.

    Idk how they can smell it though if you block up a room with towels/use a sploof (with fresh sheets EACH time)/use Ozium. Doesn't make any sense tbh.
  19. Ya I never leave home with anything. I'm sure they have my license plates of my cars. But it's legal here in MA but it just got past. Once they open dispenceries I think I'll be good. I just ignore them knowing there is nothing they can do. I herd out my window the cop saying there is not much we can do. I don't know if specific towns in MA that can say they don't want pot to be legal. But I own my house an I think as long as I stay inside there isn't anything they can do.
  20. Since the vote made it legal if the cops come to my door should I admit I smoked?

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