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What to do with weed stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by blaze99, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. I have .7 of weed stems and I was wondering if there is any way I can use it to get high
  2. Not really.
  3. send them to me
  4. I save my stems so i can make hash when i have enough. .7 might not be enough to make hash but you could try. Or make tea.
  5. you can make edibles/concentrates just treat them as clippings
  6. erllllll lots of stems + iso
  7. They're really bunk, can't smoke it unless you like harsh, rough, nasty wood smoke and the they aren't potent in the first place, the only source of potency is the kief on the outer skin but they usually fall off.
  8. I put my stems in and altoids tin, shook 'em, and got a decent amount of iso.
  9. I toss the stems after I pull the bud off. Stems are not worth saving.

  10. You got iso out of your stems? :p
  11. I throw em the vape with a little bit of meds.... Not sure if it does anything, but I FEEL like it does.... Might just be my imagination, but it's a he'll of imagination that's for sure!!!
  12. make Green Dragon you need alot of stems enough to fill a 26er, get a 26er of vodka empty it in to another bottle fill the bottle you just emptied with stems till its full than pour the vodka back into the bottle and let it sit for 2 months it will go green, than filter it into another bottle and your good to go, you get like a drunken body buzz, it messes you up lol
  13. With that little, not much at all besides saving for a rainy day if you're dry.

    I like to chew on my stems though.

  14. ISO w/o the ISO lol, wasn't a lot. But a couple decent bowl toppings at least. If someone does try this, use a razor to scrape it.

  15. You mean kief or QWISO?

  16. Kief.
  17. I usualy just throw the buds stems and all in to the grinder i dont bother taking them out unless there too big.
  18. just toss em nothing you can really do to get high or make tea
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