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What to do with vaped weed

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by LZfan2121, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hello GC,

    I have been vaping for awhile now and have been saving my vaped herb. I'd say I probably have about 8-9 grams of it and I have been going back and forth whether to cook with it or to make some QWISO hash.

    What do you guys think? Anyone used their vaped herb in either of these ways or any other ways?

  2. If you only have 8-9 grams you probably don't have enough to get serious results yet, but when you do have enough, I'd say a half ounce or above, here's what you should consider:

    Baking you'll need a lot of time and they'll go kind of fast, but you will have a great time with them
    Making hash will allow you to in essence get a few more vaporizing sessions on the house, but you'll still have to vaporize and will be locked into that as an option

    something to think about
  3. hey i got a vape genie lol cool thing i love it ....but sometimes when i have excessive vapoed ganja ill just throw it in a joint or a bowl...when i start getting low ...but lately iv been experimenting with cooking it and so far its been pretty good iv had some good results with cooked/vaped weed :smoke:
  4. I make hash out of the vaped weed, which turns out dark black and oily yet solid. It isn't very potent when smoked, so I dissolved it into oil (just add heat and stir) and then made a batch of brownies which turned out to be veryyyy sedative and stoning. knocked me on my ass!
    Use at least 1/2oz
  5. i would make butter with it
  6. green dragons!!!!!! or hash it and have a blistering firecracker.
  7. vaped weed is very sedative.. i like to made edibles out of it, but don't eat before like 7.
  8. First off, vaped weed has most of the thc vaped out of it, especially any resin glands. If you try to make hash or budder or anything with it, it won't be very efficient at allllllll. If you have a nice piece with percolators, ash catchers, ice notches, that sort of thing, then smoke it in there because it will filter out most of the harshness of vaped weed. I would also recommend using it in some sort of tornado bowl because you probably won't want to smoke it for that long.

    Oh and tasty puffs! I think the stuff is kinda gay for regular weed or tobacco, but with schwag, legal herbs, and especially vaped weed it can be a must.

  9. I can smoke over a gram of vape weed and not get a buzz but when i made fire crackers with 5 grams of the shit i got rocked... so it makes no sense to smoke the shit when other canniboids will be release when you cook it besides the thc and get you high...
  10. Fair enough. I meant to say turbo bowl though. With those you can take a 1 gram hit, of course I wouldn't recommend that strong of a hit without percolators or ice or something, but you take a few of those and you'll definitely be high. Personally every time I smoke vaped weed I get higher than making edibles with it, and yes I know how to make edibles.
    w.e though this comes down to my experience with vaped weed vs yours so there really can't be a winner. Agree to disagree I guess

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