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What to do with vape poo.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Most people say to make edibles out of it. But I've heard once that people use it to make hash. Which one is better?
  2. Edibles, smoke it, fuck dude anything it's pretty much weed.
  3. I save all my vaped weed and smoke it from my bong.
  4. I stick it behind my ear and save it for later...
  5. ive made hash with it more than ive made edibles with it.

    its worth it but make sure you got at least 7-10 grams (preferably like double that, the more the better) if you want a somewhat decent yeild.

    the quality is decent, better than no hash. if you never done it before, try it once. it will get you familiar with how to do an iso extraction in general.

    neither one is necessarily better, its all about how you feel & how much work you wanna do.
  6. yeah i had 10g last time before the police took it :\
  7. Vape poo? I assume you mean ABV/AVB. Why put forth the effort to make edibles or hash when you can just eat it raw. Put some peanut butter on a cracker then put like .5grams of ABV on it, throw a top cracker on it and munch away. I usually eat about 2 grams at a time and it gets you stoned for hours on end.
  8. make some cannabutter with that shit bro!

    2 grams makes a couple of tablespoons of butter into a great addition into mac and cheese or ramen noodles.
  9. Tea! with say, 7 grams and a lot of fat

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