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What to do with this????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TheCakeIsALie, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Hey all, a friend of mine was walkin through the woods and found this, he gave it to me cuz he knows i smoke. i know i don't wanna cure this and smoke it cuz i'm 99% sure it would be gross. i'm not sure if it even has any THC in it :rolleyes: any suggestions blades and bladies?





    Let me know what you think i should do with this :smoking:
  2. dude its so grey
  3. Dont smoke it. DONT do anything with it. just throw it away.

    Thats gross. moldy/had mold. thats just nasty. THROW IT OUT!
  4. ew... I don't even want to think about smoking something like that...

    For one, it was outside for you don't know how long, two it's covered in mold, three look at all those seeds! lol

    But yeah, trash it.
  5. that's what i was thinking... didn't know if it was still QWISO able or not... thx
  6. That just ruined my vibe of seeing amazing buds in the Stash Jar, :(. Best suggestion, throw it out.
  7. aww.... sory man :eek: lol just go click randomly on the other threads, trust me. it wil cheer you up!

    at least you probly have something to smoke.... i don't. :(
  8. yeah man do not smoke that. it's probably just some ruderalis, won't even get you high, not to mention it looks full of spider mites and mold...that's some scary lookin weed!
  9. Another instance where a coke bottle and some butane comes in handy.

  10. Crack's always a safe alternative.
  11. Hey there's a little green in that; herb is herb right? ahem or not.... lol:D
  12. shove it up your ass
  13. i'd thank my friend for being thoughtful atleast.
  14. This is at a very selfish viewpoint, but, smoke it, I'm wondering what will happen.

    I'm just messing with you bro, I wouldn't smoke that.
  15. Just to let ya'll know, it went into the dumpster across the street along with my trash... bye bye wild weed lol. can't wait till i start my grow!!!

  16. good choice man :hello:
  17. well ladies and gentelman its offical i just saw the fist weed i wouldent smoke.

  18. what he said
  19. What the fuck is that thing?

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