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What To Do With This...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Caffeination, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. I have approximately 1g of the most potent, killer herb I've ever had in my life. Now, this stuff gets me talking like Chong and stumbling around like I'm half drunk.

    Smoke all of it now?
    Save it and have some amazing 1 hitters?
    Just save an smoke for emergency?

    I personally think party like it's '99.
    :bongin: :bongin: :hippie: :smoke: :smoke: :hippie: :smoking: :smoking:

    This is an thread regarding what you do, or would do, with a small amount of very high quality herb.
  2. Spoon. Bongs will kill the bowl way to fast. Pack it all in a spoon piece. I want pics too op :)
  3. Uhh gravity bong or vape. Save sum for amazing one hitters. Don't waste the dank. Sometimes you keep smoking but your high plateaus. So you gota know when to stop :smoking:
  4. 1 hitters. greens everytime. plus, if i take a hit then wait a few minutes for my body to process that it's baked, i wont smoke more than i "have to"

    hitters, imo, are the best for conserving. :smoking:
  5. a one gram bong snap, you pussy.
  6. Let me tell you this bro, you will be one happy camper in a few days if you save your self a couple bowls worth!
  7. snap that shit.
  8. oh god, if its as good as you say.... I would be fucking scared to take grav bong rips of it...
  9. Smoke just enough at a time to get you stoned, make that shit last man!
  10. bong or vape, that way you are getting the most thc out of the bud (vape is best). bongs won't waste it if you know how to corner the bowl properly and dont torch the shit out of it.
  11. Grav bong that shit
  12. a bowl on gravity bongg for sure. :hello:
  13. gravity bong. small hits. go through the whole thing in a sesh
  14. buy more while you still have the chance

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