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What to do with this much weed left?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amateurblazer, May 11, 2011.

  1. Basically, I am almost out of weed and I have no idea when I can re-up. So how can I use this weed and still make it last throughout this whole day.

  2. mix it with tobacco and hit the bong
  3. I actually do have a bowl of tobacco, but thats all. I might try this, but before that, any other suggestions?
  4. well you can just buy some cigs to get more tobacco, and well.... just smoke it slow dont rush the bowls, it should last 1 day for sure man.
  5. Fuck tobacco, instead of trying to stay a little high all day, get blazed, and than do something later on with some friends. If ain't shit poppin off, just chill outside and throw a basketball or something
  6. Any other suggestions?
  7. Space it out. I tend to get in a mode of thinkin i gotta stay high all dont. distract yourself. I know it makes everything better but if you can get mentally tough and sike yourself out you'll have something to burn til you crash out. lol i'm out thats what i'm doing as i type. :devious:
  8. I would rip that all in the bong at once like five hours before you go to bed. And be zooted doing something fun or just chill and play xbox live or some shit. Then go to bed feeling pretty chill.
  9. Exactly this... If you anticipate it all day, at night when you do finally just get ripped off one massive bong hit your high will be so much more enjoyable. You'll also sleep good tonight.
  10. This
    you dont need it to last all day man
    smoke up and do something fun
    hit a bong tho or pailséwaterfall

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