what to do with these?

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  1. 6 weeks into flowering old fan leaves and stuff that weren't doing much or avoiding little light to others.
    What can I do with these fan leaves? Some show some frost and some of them smell yummy. What do y'all do with yalls leaves during flower and what not!!? Please
  2. I toss them... I only keep sugar leaves or the random frost leaves that are closer to the buds that get frost on them... I'll usually cut the parts without frost off and toss em and keep the frosty parts... but just plucking fan leaves during flower I just toss em.

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  4. I personally just smoke it while I wait for the buds to cure... haven't really had a big enough harvest to really consider buying any bags to make hash with... next grow I most likely will do a dry ice with my trim because I plan on having enough to be worthwhile next grow

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