what to do with these 23w CFLs...

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  1. Alright, so what I have at the moment is a lamp with 1x23watt CFL in it (6500K)

    using these from start to finish because it is an autoflowering ak47 seed :D

    ok, so I have the timer, that lamp, 6 cfls plus the Y-Splitter things to have 2 CFLs on an outlet...

    my question is what should I do to get these things going good, am I going to have to use more than one timer? I can't plug this extension bar into the timer because of the plug that it takes.

    like i said, not 100% sure on how to do all of this but I want this to work as this will bee a fun experiment :D
  2. cut off the third prong on your extension bar. You dont need that third prong for lights. It's the "ground" in case of surge, which is only useful to protect expensive stuff like electronics.
  3. They have an adaptor that will connect the 3 pronged multistrip plug to the 2 holed timer. Thats what I do.
  4. i'd feel a hell of alot safer using the adapter instead of cutting off one of the prongs... thanks guys.
  5. haha you'll be basically paying for something that does the exact same thing as cutting off the top prong.
  6. $.88 at walmart
    Peace of Mind

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