What to do with the plant bones?

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  1. I have a nice sized pile of thick stems dryed out on the balcony. Besides using them to scrape out my bowl? Might as well use every part of the bison.
  2. Well, making a usable fiber from cannabis stalks is a long process and water retting is smelly, so I wouldn't advise it. but in case you want to try it-

    Hemp 101: A Traditional Method of Hemp Textile Production (article - 2017)
    Hemp 101: A Traditional Method of Hemp Textile Production

    Cannabis stalks are rather rot-resistant so they don't break down in the compost pile very well. There just aren't that many home uses for them.

    At my home, the stalks and stems just go into the wood stove as kindling.

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  3. In highschool, id save all my stems, put them in a pill bottle, and throw it in the freezer. After a couple hours shake the shit out of the pill bottle, carefully dump out the stems, then slide your finger around the pill bottle and then scrape the keif off your finger with a knife. There were times where i got a few bowls of just keif from that. you need quiet a bit of stems though.
    I always could do it 3 or 4 times before it stopped producing any keif.
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  4. I
    I was kinda considering it at one point and asked about it at the SCA art and sciences thing a while back. But you can only grow 4 plants at a time and they are not going to be hemp. I think I would need to save them for years to get enough to make a bow string.
  5. Hemp or marijuana, both make strong fibers, but like I said making fiber is smelly.

    But I can tell you what I used to do with stems when I bought a kilo ($65 back in the day). We would stick a bunch of them in a jar of vodka and make "party drink". Let the stems soak for a week, remove and replace with fresh stems. Got you very wasted!
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    Depending on the stems and how straight they are.....you could build like a little dry rack or something......or use them as posts on plants you are LST'ing or whatever....:confused_2:

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