What to do with the males?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by letsgogreen, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been a while since vie updTed but now I'm a week into flowering and Im seeing sex signs pretty clearly now, I have only found one male so far out of the 8 and am still waiting to determine some. At least 3 girls though :) I think, I'll post pics, but anyways...

    Just curious what do You guys do with your males after you chop them down? Can you make them into anything? Or something lol idk just curious

  2. I bin them fuckers don't want them near my females :D

  3. Word up. I feel it, can't let em pollinate. They just still look so pretty lol.

    Update: 4 females
    2 males and 2 undetermined
  4. chop them up and throw em away.
  5. i usually just chop and toss dont want any of the seeds lol
  6. I toss those bastards
  7. You could make some oil or something of the kind - most users say dont bother, but hey it still has bits of THC in it.

    Why waste it if you can use it somehow :) never know till you try.

  8. That's what I'm sayin I just have no idea what I could do with it
  9. Make some canna-butter! I'm pretty sure you can make it with just trimmings and stems if you let them cook long enough. Might want to add a bit of bud your not going to use just to be on the safe side.;)
  10. you could always keep it seperate , and let the pollen sacks open

    you could put on a big mirror or glass and get the pollen and bag it up
    so if you do ever decide to make seeds
    you can pollenate 1 of your female

    i seen a friend just pollenate 1 small bud only ,

    olny a idea ,

    good luck with the grow


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