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  1. My mother has a little grow goin on. She ended up with 2 females and a male. We know that the girls are where it's at. But what is there to do with the male? She doesn't just want to get rid of it. I know it's not as high grade as the females, but can you still smoke the male plant? Will it bud too? Can she cook with it? Canabutter? Hints, tips, and advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Yeah, you can can use the males to cook, or you can use it to make hash.
  3. i say keep the male, in a sealed off room, keep it growing...and spare one of your females to its semen sacks...haha

    I really would tho, if its all the same strain...let the male polinate the female...youll get hundreds of seeds...ensuring plenty of room for mistakes in the future, and endless amounts of harvests...think about it
  4. Terminate the male ASAP.....If you f^ck up, it'll polinate the females and trash your entire crop....Yeah, itz nice to have a billion seeds, but cloning ain't no big thing and yer guarenteed premium Females every time....Yes, assuming the clones grow.....2 centz worth....V
  5. LOL....Dude, U got a wicked sense of humour :).....

    P.S. I had a huge bonfire going one night and was pretty bombed from drinkin' some Wild Turkey ('bout a 1/2 bottle at that point :) ) and had these HUGE males i was getting ready to destroy anyway.....Well, one thing led to another....LOL....My girlfriend grabbed a camera....I got a few pics of me throwin' 5 footers in the fire :).....Silly story, but true.....
  6. heres the best thing to do with your males
    1)find someone u dont like
    2)put it in their back yard
    3)call 911
  7. ^ Nobody deserves to be in jail over marijuana.
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