What to do with the left over weed used in the vaporizer?

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    do you just add it to smoothies
  2. U could just add it to food it’s called a fire cracker. Or you could smoke it or make butter with it.
    Once I get a ounce I make butter with my Vaped material.
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  3. I use it for fertilizer for my potted plants.
  4. I'd eat that shit!
  5. yeah- it is already decarbed( decarboxylated / activated) so you can add it to anything... just do not re cook it with to much heat ( add it last into dish) .. get high two times on the sma eweed... bang for that buck brah
  6. Save it up and make iso-hash
  7. Mix it in with warm coconut oil and stir for 30 min. This will transfer whatever is left into the oil. You then eat this straight or use in any recipe you want.
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  8. I'm saving it and when I get enough I'll use it to make a tincture.
  9. Just made mine into brownies. Amazing!

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