What to do with the collection when its all over.

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  1. I was thinking about this a couple days ago and was wondering what the rest of GC thought about it. Now i have a decent sized glass collection (bongs, bubblers, vaporizer, pipes) that i have collected over the years. I was wondering though, if and when i decide to stop smoking what am i going to do with it? Sell it on the online marketplaces? Trash it? Give/Sell it to a friend? Or just store it away.

    I personally could not trash my whole collection even if i was done smoking just for the fact that these things are my babies haha. And selling glass isnt as easy as it seems. So personally for me i would probably give/sell it to one of my close friends who smokes

    What about you GC? :D
  2. My Illy is my baby. Store it till whenever.
  3. the way i see it, i will stop smoking for a period in my life but eventually i will get back to it lol. It would be sick as shit to have the same gear that i am smoking on now, in 30-40 years. But who noes, may just continue smoking lol:smoking:
  4. I plan to keep everything until im like 65 and retire and start smoking a shit ton again lol. And i also plan to keep to probably give one to a child if they ever start smoking weed.
  5. If its a custom, Clean it and keep it as a show piece, and just in case you pick it up and pack another bowl in the future. (I dont think i could let anyone own a custom piece i ordered other than myself... it just seems wrong)

    If it has no centimental value to you, sell it and let someone else enjoy it, if you cant sell it, give it away, if you cant give it away, smash it just for the hell of it :p
  6. but..but..but but but...but..but why... but why would you ever stop smoking weed? i dont wants to grows ups.. i wants tos bes peter pan.
  7. I have a ton of pieces also, but want to downsize and get rid of it all cept my vapes/bong, but I dont know anyone to sell to. I cant just throw them away either, because I spent a decent amount on it all. =/
  8. I would sell all but one: your first piece, if you still have it, or your sick bong.

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