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What to do with Stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FuzzyNug, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. lol ok so i've saved some stems from some pickups and I don't have MUCH I probally have less then a gram...What could I do with like maybe 0.5 grams of stems? or should I keep saving...But I also just wanted to do something with them like soon cus I'm bored.
  2. throw them away. I dont think it will be very exciting and you will remain bored b/c it takes like 3 seconds to throw away. Or you can suck on them i guess some people say they taste good, I dont think so. Other than that not too much to do with them
  3. ^^you lie. they have thc in them, extract it somehow.
  4. save all your stems.

    then make stem keif, green dragon, weed milk, or use them in making hash.

    when you have about an oz of stems, find out how to make one of those things and you will not be disappointed.
  5. i just saved up about a half a zip of them and then cooked em in some butter and made brownies
  6. So none of the THC will be gone or it goes bad if I save up to like a half zip lock baggie? Cus that might take me anywhere between 3 months - a year lol
  7. no just keep it sealed and in a cool dry dark place like a drawer. break them up a bit and throw em in butter or oil. be sure to strain them out after.

    edit: by zip i was referring to an ounce.
  8. #8 Jankydank, Feb 20, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2009
    We are talking about stems here so the potency shouldn't be a concern lol.

    But... I just made this.


    from this (~.7g of stems)


  9. cool, who knew, cooking stems!!!
  10. Save em and throw em in a small joint if u need filler it wont kill u
  11. I would definitely do what OrangeCracker suggested :smoke:
  12. Keep them and keep saving and make some hash with them.
  13. when i make baked goods i throw the bud into a coffee grinder and toss in whatever stems i have saved, dont wana waste them by throwing them away
  14. I need to start saving my stems.
    I was under the impression they are useless, I guess not.

    I chew on the stems I get out of bud while rolling a blunt or just breaking down bud.
    Nice little taste if you got something fruity.
  15. My dog comes running every time i pack a bowl, she get's all the stems. Get a dog.....

  16. -win.
  17. To each his own I guess. Next to the roots stems are the least potent part of the plant. I find that even large fan leaves (which are much more potent than stems) add too much chlorophyll and vegetable matter to my hash.

    Stems are a great filler in a smoke though, they don't have that nasty taste like leaves.
  18. I heard you can make tea with stems..any truth to this?
  19. yes. just make sure it has milk in it, or something that will absorb the thc better than water.

    and stems have trichomes on them right? just not as much as buds? they are, afterall, right next to the bud.

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