what to do with stems

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  1. what can i make out of the stems? and will it do anything ?

    i tried to make a tea with them by decarbing them for an hour ish on a low heat and then boiled the stems in water with added oil. did nothing at all..

    the stems are about a month and half old and are quite dry already. do i even need to decarb them with them being so old and dry?

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  2. Throw them away - you're wasting your time.
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  3. I saving mine up ...planning on camping out and going on little trip .
    Thought it will be cool to do this with a MJ camp fire .
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  4. I compost mine, fungus eats them up really quickly
  5. I also compost mine
  6. Better bring back up wood or have a couple trucks full of stems. I've burned piles of stems and stalks before to dispose of them. Fire didn't last long.
  7. Nope not that much about a half a PU load .
  8. I have always wanted to make a custom MJ pool cue.
    I think I would have to grind up the stalk and mix in Marine resin and then make a mold and pour the cue or cue parts .
    I could soak the stem in wood hardener .
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  9. It will be glorious
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  10. That would be SICK!:metal::metal:
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  11. Maybe , the question would be would the cue play decent or not .
    My guess is it wouldn't play for shit if I made a MJ pool cue shaft .
    Using Parts in the butt section can be done pretty easy .
    When I retired I started making custom Pool cues .
    My health isn't that good so I haven't made anything in 4 years .
    But thinking of making some custom pot pipes again .
    I have thousands in rare highly figured exotic woods from all over the world ,
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  12. They make a good mulch for a soil grow...
  13. I think it would be kind of cool , I have never done a mj bomb fire.
  14. I would like to have a custom walking cane made of one

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