What to do with so much leftover trim?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ChronicaLewinski, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Hello!

    I am a moderate bud smoker and fairly regular green butter baker who grows a very small amount each year
    To make it between harvests, I've been buying the leftover trimmings from my neighbor who has a larger operation at a very reasonable price as he only keep the "primo" fruit from the "gorilla glue" he grows - I know what a silly name for a strain but it's what he calls it lol. I typically buy a pound at a time, of which there is usually about two ounces of bud I can sort out - which is plenty to cover my smoking and edible needs. However, I am not a maker of hashish or concentrates so I haven't had much use for the true "shake" leftovers which is the bulk of the buy and over time has accumulated into a few large sealed tubs full.

    My question to y'all is simply, what would you recommend doing with it?
    I don't want to mess with all the chimicals and risks making 'dab' seems to involve, yet I don't want to just throw it out. I give a good regular amount to a few close friends, but there is still more than I know what to do with

    Any ideas that don't involve harsh chemicals or should I just add it to the mulch and compost even though I loathe being wasteful?
  2. I use the trim to make bubble hash.
    No chemicals required. Just need some bubble bags, ice and water.
    Then, use the hash to make your edibles or smoke it with the bud.

    I don't know what you paid for it but if I only got 2 oz. of bud from a pound purchase, I'd be angry.
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  3. Make cannabutter for future edibles.
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  4. You can just sift it for the hash too. Or make oils butters balms etc.... the list is never ending on what you can do with it. Or just don’t buy as much.
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  5. Get some dry ice and a 200 micron work bag and shake out all the gold and Brown kief on a smooth surface. Easy peasy. You will be shocked at the amount that comes out. Stop when you see hints of green imho.

    I use the keif to make infused coconut oil for making hard candies, brownies ect.
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  6. You can make hash like said above. I like to make qwiso. I know you said you don't want to use solvents to make anything, buts it's actually really easy. I did this with my trim and larfy buds. I also did it with all the jars a kept my bud in for a while. The sides of the container were covered in keif and it actually comes out pretty clean looking. If you need help with it let me know.
    This is just a tiny bit of what I had left, but it was super smooth, tasted great, and very light in color. If you don't include the time it takes to let the alcohol evaporate, i probably spent like 10-20 minutes making it, and about 5-10 scraping it off the plate. Depends on how much your processing though
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  7. Hash man make hockey pucks n store em away
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  8. Hey man you can freeze that and it's easier to scrape off the plate, that's what I used to do with my bho
  9. Dry ice hash n a press and wahlah can be used for oils edibles ect. My wife hates i fill the freezer with trim.

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