what to do with schwag?

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  1. so my outdoor grow went to hell this year. mold, rain, etc. it got great sun during veg but during flower we had many many overcast days and the sun shifted enough so that it was setting behind my house so i lost out on early evening direct sun (note to self- change location next year). anyways, moral of the story is i’m stuck with about 14z of schwag. reminds me of the homegrown i used to get in the early 90’s. i grew this strain indoors over the winter and everyone liked it. not so much this time. i personally feel the potency is close to the same as the indoor but other people have said it’s not. and it just doesn’t look pretty. leafy, airy etc... no bag appeal. it’s only been curing for 3 weeks and i know a longer cure will help, but it won’t solve all my problems. problem is it’s fairly easy to get good quality smoke around here for reasonable prices so my normal consumers just aren’t that interested in this. so i’m looking for suggestions to keep this from being a total loss. hash, vape juice, edibles? i have no experience with that stuff other than edibles and i don’t think that edibles are the way to go anyway. people will want 1 or 2 brownies or whatever as a novelty but it’s gonna be hard to get rid of 100+ brownies. so, great wise grasscity community, what do you guys think?
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  2. you either boot it out the door at a loss or better make cookies,

    as a practice run, as you need the experience and save the whole container for a rainy door

    note to self: either get a big indoor tent and light or grow earlier next year

    Good Luck
  3. Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    Dry Ice Kief-hash

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    The Hash Capsules I make from all the dry ice hash.

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  4. drop it off at a local compassion club. let em know you have too much and its b grade, someone who can't afford it maybe able to benefit from it.

    pay it forward. karma goes a long way with mother earth
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  5. actually have the indoor tent but had to take it down for 4 months as i had contractors and workers in and out of my house constantly. long story. just got it set up again last weekend. i read somewhere about someone who did a spring early summer grow. they basically vegged it indoors all winter and then put it out in early spring when the light was still close to 12/12 (in containers so they could pull it in in case of frost) and then harvested in early june. is that what you were referring too? i was intrigued. sounds like it might be a good option.
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  6. there is nothing like that in my state unfortunately. and i really can’t afford to take a total loss. in a perfect world tho i would in a heartbeat. a lot already went out as gifts. the 12z is just what i have left that i need to get something out of.
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  7. Cheech and Chong joint

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  8. go well with autoflowers too

    knock ya-self out ...lol
  9. I get about 15% return from the buds with the hash master. The remains AKA Scraps I decarb then wash with 190 proof into tincture then run all the tincture through a 3 gallon pot still to recover the booze and the tars left I make into RSO with a bit of Coconut oil.
    So I wind up getting 100% of the goodness out with 2 stages of extraction.

    The Dry Ice hash I use both as base for my oil caps and I toke it as well. The hashmaster works best on buds as the return from trim is usually hardly worth the solvents you need.



    160 micron nylon mesh. 60-70 seconds low speed shake. Outdoor grown with a 60 day jar cure @ 62% humidity.
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  10. I did Dry Ice Kief-hash for the 1st time about 1 month ago to consolidate some of my stash down to a more manageable size . I never sell anything but if I were you and looking to market a eye appealing product id buy a "pollen press" off of amazon like the one I bought and make dry ice kief hash and press them into pucks . You will still have to let it cure . I used both fresh frozen left overs from harvest mixed in with already cured bud so the end product was high in humidity for the 1st few weeks till I got it down to 62% humidity in the jar. The end product smells good and is deff very stoney kief.jpg
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  11. And use this rolling paper...

    (Sorry op, couldn't resist) 330418957387.jpg

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