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What to do with schwag

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by miglett, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. So I picked up a quarter of stash thinking it was gonna be dank but unfortunately it's not... Now I have a quarter of mexi schwag that could pass for mids but bleeh.. Is there anything I can do with it to make it better..? I was thinking making hash or edibles
  2. Smoking it has always worked for me in the past....
  3. just save it for a rainy day. that's what my brother told me whenever he gave me free shwag. lol
  4. sell it to middle schoolers lmao
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    blunts. put a little bit of good bud through out the blunt then fill it with the shwag. same thing goes for joints.
  6. Lol, give it to the homeless.
  7. you guy's act like shwag is so bad, and shit. yeah it's not the best bud and it's definetly not dank but it's still bud. you still get a little high off of it, if you're a new smoker. just take a t-break for like 4-5 days and then smoke a little bit of the shake or shwag.
  8. Lol, I wouldn't even know where to find shwag,
    and frankly have no reason to.

  9. This is the apprentence tokers thread. Most of the smokers probably don't live in a MMJ state or can find dank ass bud. Could you whenever you first started smoking? Doubt it.
  10. personally id sell it and make my money back and buy some good bud. or you could just smoke it and get semi-high or make edibles with it

  11. Ohhhh burnt his ass:p
  12. He's asking what to do with it, obviously he has access to better buds.
    Doesn't matter, this isnt answering his question at all xD

    But personally, if i had shwag, i'd give it away, there would be no reason for me to smoke it.
    I'm sure that fat sack of shwag would be a great gift for a weed newbie xD. Other than that, you could probably make edibles.

    And rookie,
    I dont live in a mmj state, and i've never been forced to smoke shwag, even just starting out.
    Guess i got lucky :D.

  13. It's been a while; apprentice tokers.
  14. I use to get a lot of swag because I could get it at 100 an o and do unmentionable things with it to get 100 back and smoke the other half. It's not bad if you smoke a joint of it before sleep. It always put me right to sleep
  15. Roll it into a blunt or L... That's what I do when I'm in your situation lol

  16. lol nah.

  17. lol true. when i first started smoking, my brother gave me shwag as a gift and sold me dank afterwards. i'm lucky to have my brother be a dealer, but anyways. you can smoke it, sell it, or do whatever. I personally would try and sell it if I could if not just smoke it then. but it's your bud, you do whatever you would like. lol
  18. throw it in the garbage.
  19. feed it to your dog.
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    Brownies. Then play 'Let's see how long I can stay up' lol.

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