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What To Do With Quarter

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NauticalDisco, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Okay, so I just got another quarter this morning. And I feel like I've just been using my bubbler too much lately. So it's up to you kind folk to decide how I should use it. Feel free to get creative, fuck if you've got a game or challenge I could play or do with friends, let's hear it.

  2. You could play a game called Chicago - everybody has to hold in their hit until the J/blunt comes their way.
  3. You could get a blunt, hit a bong, a vape, gravity bong, all of the above?  :hippie:
     We call that "suicide".
  4. Get a bong and do some snaps.I always pick up a quarter everyweek and i do snaps out of my bong.Hold that shit in till you choke though 
  5. i like to play this game where i smoke the weed that i buy :cool:
  6. Knives... I heard they, Fuck. You. Up.

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  7. Make a batch of cookies outta that quarter. Takes you 45 minutes to make from start to end.
  8. Make your signature smoke trick.
    I made one called the choochoo train where I look up and exhale.....

    Resembling a.. Choochoo train
  9. Have sweet sex with ita, i dunno man i like shaddythemans idea of chicago, I thought that up myself and would play it with my friends, diddnt realise it had a legit name! :smoke:
  10. you can make hash or grind that shit up heat it a big roll it around asif ur playing with clay or play dough and make hand hash then take a 2 or 3l coke bottle  set a part of that ball on fire on a pin poked thru the cap stick the ball on the pin light it put the bottle over it will selff extinguish then get a straw suck n have a good time getting blazed or make huge cuban cigar size joint or a blunt i made a half Oz blunt before it took  hours to make its an art not a race
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    Baseball is the name of the game. Not the baseball your thinking up but it takes three friends and what you do is you don't stop smoking, blunts on blunts on blunts. You cough three times and your out then who ever is left keep smoking the rest either to themselves or they share with the guy who didn't get out. Fun and easy way to get high

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