What to do with my trim?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by PiffPuffer1, May 4, 2011.

  1. i am in week5 of flowering and i have been storing the trim in my freezer.what can i do with it?
  2. Anything you could do with bud, except smoke it! Personally I'd recommend either cooking with it or making BHO.
  3. yea, or if you arent an oil head, make qwiso (if done right it easily rivals BHO in qualty and is easier/ cheaper / safer for beginners) There is a guide in my sig, or if you search qwiso guide you will find 3-4 other good ones, OSG has one, AugustWest has one, hashmouf has one....

    Or get silk screen/ a kief box and kief it all, or make some cold water hash...

    Trim is marvelous haha, makes for great concentrates/edibles and lots of people just toss it
  4. thanks!i think i'll try making qwiso,i've been reading on that..any ideas about using it for drinks?
  5. Do you mean like, drinks in general, or alcoholic drinks.... Since alcohol is solvent to oil you can dissolve hash oil into any alcohol, the less alcohol the more time it would take to absorb.... As for regular drinks, you could make a glycerin tincture and mix that into drinks, it will separate off the drink i believe however but you can still drink it hahahahah
  6. i meant like tea lol.whats the process of creating the tincture?
  7. Thats a great question... i know how to make everclear/glycerin tinctures but not just glycerine haha, you take hash oil, and mix it with half everclear, half glycerin, in a dropper of some type and let it all get mixed up. Then just take a dropper or 2 of the mix and put it in tea/ just drink it/ beer/ whatever you want to mix it in hahaha. There are guides all over on making it
  8. Oil
    Bake goods

    You can do lots of this with it...
    Makes good compost too!
  9. compost AFTER you make your hash though
  10. As you're in week 5, what do you mean by storing trim in the freezer? Are you talking about dead leaves? Typically, trim or skuff refer to the remains of a manicured harvest.


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