what to do with my parasites sisters?

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  1. ill try to make it short as possible guys,
    me (21) my brother (19) and my 2 sisters (26.) are living with my mom.
    my mom broke. i mean, really broke. me and my brother help her out ofcourse.
    the problem is with my 2 sisters. those 2 dont give her shit (my mom said 1 year ago she wants 100$ every month from everyone. me and my brother said its too damn low and guess what? my sisters barely give her that.)
    they always saying they dont have money, and maybe its true. both of them study (finishing some garbage B.a in 2-3 months.) i try to explain to them its THEIR problem they just thinking on school payments (and their vacations and going out ofcourse) and they just IGNORING the MUST in life. school vacations car gym etc etc are no the must in life. the must if food, house, electricty, water etc etc.
    they just take advantage of my mom, ignoring all this must and doing what ever the fuk they want. they also barely help in the house and treat her like crap.
    seriously those 2 evils just come out of their room only to eat (MY MOM FOOD) or to shower (WITH MY MOM WATER) and ofcourse using all day my mom electricity. they dont give a shit about my mom.
    we tried to talk to them and they just not talking to anyone now (and ofcourse, at this time still using my mom food electricity water etc etc.)
    honestly when i see them even taking some food out of the fridge its making me mad. so fuking mad.
    2 months ago my mom just told them to fuk off and they said cuz my father (who is also a scum) own 50% of the house she cant make them. ofcourse, she can because they doesnt pay shit. if they will 50/50 her with all the bills, my mom wouldn't care if they stay. btw, 50/50 will be like 700$ to both of my sisters together. they dont give a shit at this age they supposed to be out and pay like 1K$+ each to live.
    anyway, this sunday i will try to sit with them and my mom and nicely explain to them to get the fuk out untill _____ (thinking about around 40 days) or i will throw all their shit and change the lock.
    my mom is sick and still they make her mad all day and causing chaos, i just want peace here שמג that way i could make my mom feel better and stop smoking 30 cig a day.
    i dont understand how my sisters dont care to be so losers, i mean im 21 and if im mom wouldn't need me i would go out. no because i need, because im an adult and i WANT.
  2. Its not your house so you can't do much..

  3. House of horrors.
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  4. u should throw your sisters out man, thats fuckin lame dude
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  5. Where yall from, ethnic wise?
  6. I think you should all move out and give Mom some space. Come and help her around the house every week or so.. say hello.
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  7. Not everyone is as giving/honorable as you seem to be. Be patient with them....they might not ever get it but patience is a good practice for anyone.

    The fact that your parents are together (step parent scenario?) makes it not at all your responsibility. Girls get a free pass by many fathers. That's just the way it is...Make more to compensate.

    Freakishly easy to qualify for food stamps depending on the state and that takes care of the food problem. Nothing wrong with Gov. Assistance so long as you pay your taxes. That's a way for you to use your hard earned "gone to the gubmint" taxes for you (which is what they are for). Especially when food budget is an issue in any way.

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