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  1. I have 2 plants 1 showed it's signs today and it's a male It's sucks but I was wondering if I do everything like its a female such as let it grow out alittle more and hang and dry it will it be smoke able or stronger then just cutting her down and smoking it or could I make hash some how
  2. Not worth it
    Chop that male down
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  3. Take the make out NOW so it does not affect the female... and make sure you are gentle and try not to break the ball sacks so it pollinates the female... in other words - KILL THAT SHIT
  4. I agree kill him..spray him down with water to kill the pollen, put a garbage bag over him and take it outside..Then drench the entire plant in water to make sure he doesn't spread his shit to other peeps ladies..Poof.
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  5. Goodnight buzza hahaha man I'm a little drunk for a Wednesday night :(
  6. G'night and sleep it off..LOL
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  7. I'm not sure if my other plant is a female but it's not on a fast growing rate compared to this plant i heard males always grow faster and is it really not worth saving I heard u can make brownies or hash
  8. I would definitely save it but that's just me. I would be sensible to get it far from anything I dont want pollinated.

    Maybe if you use the WHOLE plant for a stick of disgusting butter.

    For hash I think you need a lot of trichomes but idek

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  9. Kill it.
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  10. Dont risk anything. Its weed or no weed

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  11. What does that even mean?
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  12. Kill the male and take chances with the other plant. Or keep the male and risk polunating the other.

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  13. Qwiso that beezy. Or try to make butter. Won't be great but it's more than nothing right?
  14. pollenate.gif
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  15. Either way the male plant is useless unless the OP wants the pollen.
  16. If you are like me and have 4 out of 4 turning out to be male, and you are running low on smokable weed, then let it mature a couple of weeks. It is like a female in that it needs to mature before it will get you high. Contrary to what most everyone on this site will tell you, a fairly mature male plant will definitely get you high and will get you through until you can get some new plants growing.
  17. Totally agree,run the gauntlet harvest-dry-cure-enjoy
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    Move plant away from female grow it just for hash in would snip pollen sacks now if you going to make hash out of it peace.

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  19. You guys do realize this thread is 8 months old.
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