what to do with limes?

Discussion in 'General' started by highdays420, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. what the fuck do i do with these limes i have growing on my trees i want to use them !? :) 
    limes is such a weird word !! 

  2. Mojito baby !
  3. Or give them to your local pub/bar
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    fucking Limeade!! life didnt give you lemons this time. give them away...... you are high. lime juice is good on just about any Mexican dish as well.... but yea. Limeades. get some Snocone-style flavored syrups and go nuts!!!!!
    p.s. i would LOVE to have my own Citrus tree. my wifes mom has an orange tree in their backyard.
  5. Limeade all the fuvking way.Then you can mix in maraschino cherry syrup in the glass for a badass cherry limeade.Fuuuuuucking shit im jealous.sent from underneath my balls
  6. Invest in tequila and salt trees as well ;)
    Mixed drinks, you could make some good margaritas I bet! Limeade as the others have said. Cook with 'em, tacos al pastor are the shit with some lime juice :D or Key lime pie. Zest them and save it for later recipes. Or make some lime liqueur, just add sugar, water, and some high proof vodka!
  7. I like lime in my salads. Lettuce tomato lime and a light Italian vinegarette mmmm mmmm good!
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    Throw em out and buy lemonade Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  9. set up a chair and smoke some buds and look at your boss ass lemon tree.
  10. Use some coconut oil for cooking and make some coconut/lime flavoured meals
    Good shit
  11. squeeze them
    make margaritas
    top your fish tacos
    all kinds of crazy shit
  12. i prefer eating them raw as opposed to their flavor in dishes
  13. Also a great cure for the hiccups. Quarter one, knock the seeds off, squeeze the juice directly to the back off the throat. Bang, for most folks the hiccups are gone. :smoke:

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