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What to do with Kief??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Doob, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Just got done with a sack of blueberry and a sack of silver haze. I got a nice pile of Kief now. What is the best way to get high from this? I've heard roll it in a ball and smoke it and also sprinkle it on your weed before you roll the joint. Gimme yalls opinion on the best way to use this.
  2. If you gotta enough for a whole bowl smoke it that way.
  3. I'll probably do that. I might need another ounce before I have that much though.
  4. Snort it, eat it straight, or use the search function.

    (pay no attention to my first 2 ideas.)

    I press some with my space case kief press. Sometimes I just put a layer of kief in a bowl. Great either way.
  5. I usually have a decent amount of kief lying around so most of the time I just sprinkle it on top of bowls, but if you want to make it a little more useable I would recommending pressing it into a block of hash.

    There are several methods to do this but the way I always do it is pretty easy.

    1) Get some parchment paper (NOT WAX)
    2) Put your kief onto the parchment paper, try to keep it all together and relatively level. Fold over the parchment paper a couple times so the kief is all together and snug.
    3) Get out your iron and ironing board and set it to LOW (like setting 2/3 out of 10)
    4) Go over the parchment paper a couple of times, your goal is to turn the powdered kief into a sticky solid, NOT TO BURN IT! There really is no clock to follow, just go with what feels right and if you're unsure, STOP! You can always add some more heat, but you can't unburn the THC!
    5) Once the kief is a warm sticky solid you can mold it into a ball or whatever and take it from there!
  6. put a lil nug of weed in the bottom of the bowl of the bong, then put keif on top of that nug, you will get ripped beyond belife.....
  7. I recently bought two grams of kief ($20 a gram), just cuz I felt like it I guess. I've heard that sprinkling it in a joint is good, but I don't usually smoke joints so I've only done that once. I just sprinkle it on my bowls sometimes, its nice because you really don't need much for a bowl so two grams is lasting me a really long time. Its way harsh and the first few bowls it made me cough my guts out, but I only need like a kief-lined bowl to get as high as I would from like three regular ones.
  8. i friggin love keif man. i may be gettin a half of dank on fri and im gonna keif the shit outta like half of it and get blown.
  9. just give it to me, i'll take it
  10. thanks for the advice. And what is the best way to get the keif. I mean I have a grinder and I just rub the buds over the screen a couple times then I grind it up. Is that the best way to do it?
  11. No, rubbing the bud against the screen is a horrible way to do it; you will likely get much, much more impurities through the screen than by doing it properly.

    By doing it properly, I mean grinding the bud, then while it is in the chamber, shaking it lightly and occasionally hitting it down on your palm or some other hard surface to knock stuck kif through the screen.

    Some people will put a dime/nickel in the chamber and use that to shake around the bud even more and knock more off, but having extensive experience doing this and doing it without the coin, it's much better without. If you use some object in the chamber, your going to break down the weed to a more powdery level most likely, and at that point you've got kif in the lower chamber that's more impure as a result of you using a coin and you have weed in the main chamber that's pretty fucked up because you broke it all down by smashing it with a coin.

    Simply put, what I do now is grind up with my space case, shake it lightly every once in a while, and get much more pure kif and good weed that isn't kif'ed out to shit.

    As for the kif at that point, sometimes I make hash with my space case press, and sometimes I just put it on a bowl. depends how motivated I am.

    btw, blueberry kif made into hash = delicious :smoke:

    have fun :)
  12. dude if u got enough cook with some butter and make firecrackers.
  13. Pack a nice sized one hitter in your glass bong. Then sprinkle a little bit of that kief on top and you'll be doing alright.
  14. kief is the best thing you can use when cooking. look up a recipe for cannabutter, and make some brownies, cookies, whatever the fug you want. you will love it man. nothing better than a sweet juicy brownie that will get faded for 6 hours. it tastes really good too when you use pure kief to make the butter.
  15. Sprinkle it on joints, it mega packs the potency of the joint.
  16. Uhhh.... I don't know about that. If that's the case, then why does everyone say its a waste of good weed, and to use shitty weed when baking?

    The best way to get rid of that kief in my opinion is to do some big bong rips of kief sprinkled bowls.
  17. I would probably rub it all over my sexy naked body and let nature take it from there.
  18. So apparently mine was the best idea.
  19. I stick my kief (well, we call it death hash here) into the corner of a baggy, and compress it together like that, so you don't waste half of the crystals on your oily hands. Then you can flatten it and make it into blade puffs or bottle toke puffs. This is the best way to smoke keif, cuz you don't lose any, and it actually burns for awhile because it is hash. Powdery keif is pretty pointless, seeing as it burns in seconds. Try a full bowl of keif powder and then try one of keif hash. You'll be lucky if you can finish the bowl with the hash in it.
  20. Smoke That Shit!!

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