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What to do with kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by breatheeasy, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I have some built up in my grinder. Not a lot but enough. Should I vape it in my buddah vape or smoke it in a bowl. Only had a few hits of kief before.
  2. Stick in your butt.
  3. Get some bud and rub it in the kief until it's absorbed it all, then smoke or vape!
  4. save up the kief!
  5. My new favorite way to smoke kief is with my glass wand. No waste at all.

  6. This is the most bass ackward way of smoking kief that I've ever heard of.

    I've done it before, but reading it like that, I can't even lie to myself anymore. What a silly concept.
  7. Sprinkle it on top of a bowl and smoke it. Classic.
  8. Wait until you get alot, press it, then smoke. I recommend the glass wand method like HxCurt said, there is pretty much no waste. With fire I never feel like I get all of it.
  9. Screw that grind up that kief rolled bud and make your kief pile even bigger!

    nah just smoke it or vape it whatever floats yer boat man.
  10. If you want to get very high and have both weed and Kief then smoke a glass pipe bowl of both. Put in weed first ( to cover the bottom) Then THC, Weed, THC. Do your layers how ever you want it gets you ripped. Once i tried a bowl of Weed, Kief, Weed, Hash, Weed, Kief. Best bowl ive ever smoked forsure.
  11. LOL

    I smoke my kief when I'm out of bud. But its good for like a day so I'm going to sprinkle it on my last bit of bowl hits from now on.
  12. Get high : smoke, edible, hash, sprinkle with weed to make a nice bowl

  13. kief is just reallly small weed bits. just smoke that shit like normal carefuull tho, its smalll
  14. Stand back, the hash master's here.

    Ignore the kids and their cool-story-bro grinders and .4 kief collections.


    Topping vape bowls is my FAVORITE way to smoke kief. Edibles are good too. I made kief tea once with my GF to try it out. Very interesting.

    Anyway, topping bowls couldn't waste kief more. I rarely top bowls with hash or kief. It burns up too fast and the flame kills THC every hit. Making the half life of the bowl worthless.

    My other favorite way of smoking it is in my Eclipse essential vape.


    And here's a pic of my last bowl of kief I smoked in my Silver Surfer. Look familiar? Lol


  15. So true man....

    What I would PERSONALLY DO: Save up the kief until you have enough to pack half a bowl or so right?

    Then pack some bud in there, about 2/3 or 3/4 of a bowl ya know, the rest fill in with kief. Get a magnifying lens and use THAT to light the bowl.

    Use it jussst like youre melting ants..... takes a second to get Comfortable holding it and the bowl though
    and not accidentally burnin YOURSELF WITH SUNLIGHT! pheww;):cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  16. Anyone ever use an herb iron to smoke keif
  17. you can smoke bowls of it or make hash to smoke. or edibles. you can roll it in a joint mixed with normal buds. I recommend layering your bowl, weed keif weed. You want it primarily kief so little in the bottom lots of keif in the middle and just a small layer on top. Thank me later.

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