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  1. hello grasscity, what i would like to ask you guys is:

    what would you do if you had extra money lying around? do you save it? or do you splurge?

    im currently on unemployment looking for a job, but there are no jobs available. :hello: until then i just sit on my ass and collect checks every 2 weeks. i get extremely bored and i feel the urge to go out and spend money. each week goes by so fast that soon before i know it i get a new check. each one is about 450

    i have a spending problem. everyday i feel the urge to go out and buy something new. just for gratification. its almost like a disease. its hard to control man....
  2. 2 days out of the week ill go out and buy a bunch of drugs, the other 5, i just stack.
    puttin money in the bizzzank, in my initials.
  3. Everday im stackin it, Multiply divide, Addin and subtractin it.

    Extra money is wasted money.

    Have that extra money make you even more money.
  4. Shit like this is why social insurance needs reform.
  5. Hey, instead of spending all of your money, maybe you could spend your time trying to find a job instead of being lazy and not working and just living off of unemployment and abusing its benefits.

    I'm trying ot save any money that I make at work. I'm not going to be spending it all on unneccesary things, instead I'll just save it up for a while till I get a good amount where I don't have to worry about money for a while and I can focus on other things like getting an education to better my future.
  6. I buy drugs with extra money.

    'tis the truth.
  7. this is almost exactly what i was gonna say.

    theres no such thing as "extra money"

    at some point you WILL need it, cuz shit happens unsuspectedly..and boy will you be happy when you look at your bank slip and says a large number.

    that way you dont have to deal with a credit card or anythang. cash up front.:wave::cool:
  8. Extra money always translate to extra bud.

    If I had extra 30,000 dollars, I'd be buying patents and whatnot.
  9. I spend my extra money on taxes to pay for people like you to sit on there ass all day.
  10. I am horrible with money and also am on U.E. so i live week too week. For some of us this wasn't a choice just where were @. I would love to make a little side money though that would suffice... I took finance in college and learned a good deal on investing... Let me give you guys all a tip on a high yield company with secured funds.. vanguard.com No commercial just what I was told in school.

    Its funny how just like 10 bucks could be millions before you die... and how like 15$ a paycheck is more retirement then you could spend... My finance professor once told me "I have done a lot of drugs in my life, but I have never been as high as the first time I sat in front of a huge pile of my saved money".

  11. That's a good saying. I remember being happy to see my 3,000 bucks saved for a car when I was younger. I haven't seen that kinda cash since...
  12. You must be young and single. After a while with a spouse and kids there is no such thing as extra money. If you must buy things, buy gold, silver, jewelery, things that will go up in value instead of throwing it away on whatever.
    In the long run you'll be very happy you did.
  13. mail it to me pls.
  14. save it for when you really need it for somthing.

    one day you're going to need some money and you'll be like "damn, i shouldn't have bought so much stupid shit"
  15. Hookers.

  16. i feel the urge to go out and spend, something i usually did back when i had a job. but im not saying im doing that now. i have to be wiser thats why i wanted to see a insight of what you bud smokers might do and not to do
  17. save up for a trip to Amsterdam dude
  18. Send my money back to me you lazy prick

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