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What to do with excess weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cheehwawa, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys
    I have a hundred bucks o' regs that I got a little under a week ago and Im halfway through. I normally eat the stems when Im breaking the weed up, but I noticed today that they felt more stale than before, chewy and stuff.

    I was wondering if I should store the weed in a special way, because I never really have an excess amount of weed lol. Or will keeping it in the baggie in my dresser be good enough for another week or two?

  2. You could mail it to me, I'd be happy to keep it fresh for you! :rolleyes:
  3. yea a jar works best with a rubber seat ont eh cap like a mason jar or 420 jar or for now tupperware
  4. what excess weed?
  5. an airtight jar ( those canning mason jars seem to be a favorite) work well
  6. well you figure they're just regs so you dont really need to bother with a jar, but i would suggest just making sure its airtight (baggie with zipper) and keep it in a dark dry place
  7. I saw the thread title and i was like "uhh, smoke it?"


    Anyway, as for your question, mason jars work well. I'd imagine refrigerating it would also help keep it mold free.
  8. Yeah I have it in a ziplock baggie, I squeeze the air out then close it and put it in a droor (is that spelled right?? lol). I will probably have it all smoked in the next day or two, got a few people comin over for some beerpong :)
  9. lmao same.

    putting weed in the freezer is good, like behind all the ice cream and stuff. It should keep it good for a good 2 months I'd imagine. That way whenever a rainy day comes round and you run out of weed with some friends, you always have a little stash (or a big stash) right there behind the vanilla.
  10. id feed the animal life.

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