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What to do with dank stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cannabliss88, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. So I saved up all my stems from about a half ounce of all dank bud. The texture is crystally and the smell is potent. No doubt they're covered in kief.

    I don't really wanna smoke stems cause of the harshness of the smoke so I figured I'd ask my fellow blades for any ideas.

    I'm on a tollerance break and these stems are my last resort if I ever really need to mellow out being that they're my only source of thc on hand. Thus I need a recipe or method that works every time.

    My friend told me you can make tea with it using water but to me I would worry about loosing thc that way cause it isn't water soluble.

    How should I grind the stems without a coffee grinder cause I don't want cross contamination (or can I just skip that) and what can I make with stems that is failproof?

    Can I throw them in some everclear as they are without grinding? Hmm...
  2. I'm saving them for Pot Chocolate!
  3. Save them until your off your tolerance break get some bud and make brownies.
  4. Funny. I have a jar full of stems. Also wondering what ima do with them.
  5. Tea works, trust me do it
  6. Word:hello: How is Pot Chocolate made?

    Maybe. Their really my backup since I have no weed if I ever get really pissed and just need to calm the fuck down and get a better perspective its good to know I have something on hand.

    Does anyone know if you could make tincture with it?

  7. THC isn't water soluble.
  8. With straight water? Do you chop them up and how long do you brew it for?
  9. Just make some dank ass canabutter.
  10. that's why weed tea recipes all call for milk.

  11. I've seen a few that didn't, I'm just tryin to help.
  12. Always an option I've just heard of too many people failing at this but never tried it myself.

    Nice! Thanks man I just bookmarked that for future reference. +rep

    Now does anybody know about green dragon with stems or tincture because I just realized I could be storing my stems in alcohol rather than an empty bottle and it would just keep getting better.

    Does anyone know of a recipe for that or any other failproof method? Thank you all for the ideas:D
  13. If you have enough make some oil or dry rub that shit.
  14. Put em in a can or something and shake the shit out of it and see if you cant get a bit of kief of em,

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