What to do with bad flowers?

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  1. Ever had a bad grow? Sadly, had one girl fox tail like crazy. Big, airy, foxtaily buds all over. Thinking about turning the entire girl into water hash. What do you do with your less-than-desireable flowers?
  2. Haha my bagseed started foxtailing on my first flower cycle.... they didn't foxtail to bad just gave them a neatish look... [​IMG]both those buds gave me 10 grams each... a lot of the popcorn had a more defined foxtail look but they were nice little .5-.7g popcorn nugs. But anyhow you can easily just smoke it or turn it into hash.... me personally it all looks the same once ground up eh... but making some hash or rosin with it would be neat.

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  3. Thanks for the reply. I feel like she never really ripened, either, because of this. It's weird that it foxtailed, because if anything, she needed more light,not less. 2 mainlined girls under a 400w just wasn't enough light. Half the plant had optimum light, 50k-80k lux, and then other half at any given time was getting only 25k lux. I did have some lockout problems. Maybe that had something to do with it. Temps in the tent were fine, always high 70s.Perhaps at the top of the canopy they were high. I don't know. I just know that I will likely never smoke this bud, so, yeah, thinking water hash.
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  4. if it dont smoke good trash it . no point in spending money to try to better it . yeah we all had a bad grow before . dutch passion blue berry . it tried to herm even under the best conditions i mean it was a steady 75f bitch still tried to herm . besides then when it was all done it turn out to be a low 2/10 my rating system ended up throw out 30 tomato plants worth of this !!! fuck it shit happens
  5. Same thing happened to me. Only had about 7 grams that looked good the rest was airy and not very appealing. I plan on using a heat press
  6. I guess so. Hard to do. I won't know if the hash will be decent unless I do it.
  7. here in mi the market is fierce.if you not a 7/10 then its good for you not for others and your stuck using it your self . its every where everybody smokes it here its taking over liquor and beer . why the heck does everybody want it so damn strong ? 1 toke your done what happened to just partying all night and smoking all night people want to sit there like a zombie today mabe its just the younger stoner generation .
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    Who would throw good THC in the trash? Do you people not make edibles with all your small buds and trim?

    When you harvest keep a few extra paper bags handy for throwing edible trim in. As I grab a branch to start trimming buds I will first remove all the sugar leaves that have a lot of glands and any airy small buds. They all go in the edible bag.

    By the time I was done I had filled one paper bag and part of a second. Shake and roll the material in the paper bags for a week or so. I then sort it to remove any stems and bake it in the oven at about 250 for 15 minutes. This decarbs the thc so it's active. By now it's bone dry and I run it through a coffee grinder I bought just for weed until I have a large bowl filled with dried and ground plant material that is mostly buds.

    You can cook it in a crockpot with a ratio of about 1-1 1/2oz of trim to 1 pound of butter or coconut oil. 4-6 hours in the crockpot is plenty. You can add some water and it will absorb some of the non desirable stuff out of the plant material and separate from the oil when it cools. When it's cool enough to handle I'll pour the oil into 1/2 pint jars through a t-shirt as a strainer.

    I like making cookies. If you use unsalted butter and add a bunch of chocolate chips to the cookies you can't even taste the weed. Double what the cookie recipe calls for in oil with THC butter then add a tsp of flour and a tsp of sugar to counteract the extra butter. I have over a pound of edible making material stored up right now. That's only because I already rendered all of last crop into jars of oil already.
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  9. If anyone here is into making bulletproof coffee with THC butter it's absolutely amazing. I compare it to making mushroom tea instead of eating mushrooms. It's a more intense experience that doesn't last quite as long because it absorbs much faster then just eating a cookie or a mushroom. If you have problems getting high with edibles because of a high tolerance like me this can be your solution to getting a good dose without having to choke down 4 cookies and skip dinner because they have double coconut oil in them with chocolate chips and are filling.

    My friends that have a low tolerance and are very occasional smokers can only handle one cookie. I've had 6 in a day before and functioned fine.
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  10. Do you just use the infused coconut oil and blend it with the coffe like usual? Bulletproof coffe is dank but expensive lol

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  11. I like using the butter with coffee. Unsalted always, of course infused. I've made the salted mistake before. Then you have to cook dinner type dishes with it instead of sweets. Coconut has a larger fat molecule and can hold more thc but my wife has a slight coconut allergy so we've been going with butter lately and I haven't noticed a big drop in potency. Coconut is very good also though if you want to go plant based.

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