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What to do with AVB

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by laserman, May 10, 2010.

  1. Before you flame me I know this has been done I just can't find it.

    I want to know what you guys do with your already vaped bud. I was planing on eating mine tonight to see if I can get a buzz off of it. I'm not cooking it into anything because I figure that it's already cooked right? I'm just going to pop it into my mouth and see what happens :D

    Any thoughts?
  2. Oh God no! Don't eat it. I don't know if it could possibly get you high, but it'd taste TERRIBLEEEEE! You can smoke it but it will taste like MAD shit and most of the THC is vaped out of it already anyways. The best thing to do is make brownies with it, as most of the desirable CBDs will still be in the AVB. You can make a mean batch of brownies with AVB!

    Or sell it to high schoolers and make mad profit, yo
  3. Regrind it with a mortar and pestle, then revape or make oil and bake with it.

    It takes me about 3 bowls of ABV to acheive the same state as one bowl of fresh.

    Submitted for your approval,
  4. Just make edibles with it. I have no idea how much AVB you should use, but I know most brownie recipes call for either 1/4 of dank or 1oz of at least an oz lol (probably a lot more TBH).

    I have 5 or 6 G's of ABV...hoping to eventually make oil or edibles, dunno which.

    This reminds me of that Nickelodeon show 'Are You Afraid of the Dark'. Right before each story they would say "Submitted for the approval of the midnight society..." and then they would say the name of their story. 100% off-topic, but hopefully someone else gets it lol :D.
  5. Ha! Wish I could give you rep for that, I used to watch that show all the time :hello:
  6. Can you make hash with enough AVB?
  7. I've made edibles out of AVB twice and both times I used pretty much the same amount of pot. I didn't have a scale, but it was almost a cup. I have probably a few grams more than I did the past previous two times I made it and I recently weighed it at 38g. I used that to make ~2-3cups of Canola or veg oil for one batch of brownies.

    I burnt that bud pretty much at 380F, this latest batch of AVB i've burned between 335F and 350F it probably has a a slightly higher thc content than the past times. I am going to wait til I have a bit more, however, before I make my next batch. I really want them to have the potency of some of the fresh edibles Ive had. I'll let you know how I make out, I am debating of mixing 1/8 - 1/4 of Shake next time I do it. Any thoughts?
  8. Sell it to morons.

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