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  1. hey guys, i have been using my mflb for a few days now and have a small amount of avb building up.
    aside from capping it and popping it straight up, what are other preferred methods of consumption?
    id be rather keen to bake a brownie (or cookie) for my mother to eat as she has just undergone an operation and is in alot of pain.
    as most of the thc (in my already indica dominant hybrid) has been vaped it would produce a relaxing high without alot of anxiety.
    however my mum has no tolerance what-so-ever.
    this brings me to my next question, dosage?
    i have only ever cooked with kief (2.5g in 7 cookies -- far too much) so how much abv would you recommend in this modest edible?
  2. Firecrackers.

    Regarding amount for someone with a very low tolerance? If you're abv is a VERY dark brown, I'd suggest starting out with 2 gr.
  3. I've made special hot chocolate with 8 oz of milk and about a gram of very dark brown abv and it got me really fuckin high lol. But then again, my tolerance is basically nothing. Be sure to simmer the stuff in milk for about 15 minutes and use tons of Hershey's syrup to help make it taste better if you decide to do it.
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    This sounds kinda good. Gotta try that.

    Maybe it's best to start out with 1 gr. Everyones tolerance and amount of enzymes needed to process edibles is different. Some people can't get high on edibles no matter how much they eat and no matter how low their tolerance is.

    Here is a recipe for ABV coffee if anyone's interested: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/abv-coffee.2976/
  5. firecrackers are out of the question, they taste like ass with fresh bud let alone abv haha!
    just reading that coffee recipie
    cheers guys

  6. With the firecrackers that I make, you can barely taste the ABV at all. So.......hahahah back at ya. ;)
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    right guys, i just slapped 1.2g avb in a peanut butter firecracker (too ill to go to shop for supplies).
    ill report back with how it goes and how it compares to my kief edibles, also how it helps/ exacerbates my blocked sinuses and head cold.
    "remember kids the only difference between goofing around and science is writing it down!"

    the taste isnt anywhere as bad as firecrackers i have made with fresh bud, then again. my nose is blocked!
    19:41 local time, all consumed.
  8. How do you make them? I have vaped bud in a jar and want to try a firecracker.
  9. quite simply. two crackers. some peanut butter or nutella (its the fat that counts).
    spread evenly your choice of filling on the two crackers, sprinkle the avb on both.
    sandwich together before wrapping in foil.
    oven at 250f or 120c for ~20 mins.
    eat and repeat
  10. update - 1 hour in and feeling pretty lifted.
    very comfortable and relaxed. all anxiety dissolved. definitely cbd heavy. beautiful high
    ill be back in an hour as i expect to keep climbing
  11. Wow. Only on 1.2g of abv? Nice.........

    What color was your ABV, golden or dark brown?

  12. darkish brown, however i have vaped them darker with buddha but that was on the verge of smoking.
    i have a high tolerance too due to years of smoking and vaping with only a few tea brakes.
    im pretty chuffed too, ive made firecrackers with fresh bud a few years back when my tolerance was nearly zero and they weren't this good.
    the abv is a mix of typically badly grown british indica that smells like wet veg and some tasty bubblegum
  13. Carbon filter on a bong and smoke it, the carbon filter will make the taste and amount you have to smoke more bearable and it'll get you that nice stoney high
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    Yeah, my tolerance is low and I vape my bud to a very dark coffee brown, but it takes me about 2gr. for it to work well. I know that the difference in enzymes to break it down plays a large part, but I think body weight may also factor in. I weigh in at 213 lbs.

    Yeah, but edibles is a really nice change of pace. A totally different kind of high than you get from re-vaping or smoking it.
  15. im 154lb and had eaten 1 hour prior to consuming firecrackers.
    quite surprised at this.
    mother, brother and girlfriend all have confirmed separately that my eyes are no longer open
  16. Yeah, our weight difference probably plays a big part in how much ABV it takes to get us there.

    Enjoy the ride. For me, it lasts about 4-5 hours. One hour from first feeling it to peak, 2-3 hours leveling off, one hour nice come down.

    Glad you gave ABV firecrackers another shot. They've always worked great for me.
  17. after i have no option but to vape more in order to have more avb!
    on a side note. no effect at all on my sinuses however the pressure in my head is relieved.
  18. save up a quarter, make iso hash.
  19. i almost make firecrackers, just that I don't bake them. 0.2 grams get's me pretty baked.
  20. Mix kief with it. Thats what i do when i smoke abv. Or roll a joint with abv and fresh bud so its not all fresh herb in the doob.

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